Thursday, 26 June 2014

Team L-T Does Lane's Birthday Party

Soooo.... we had a birthday party for Lane on Tuesday night this week.

What?! You thought that Lane's birthday wasn't until August.

Well ye be correct!

Unfortunately, Lane's birthday falls on the August long weekend and it's in the middle of summer. None of her little friends are around. And even if they were, I have no idea how to get a hold of them to invite them to a party.

We decided to celebrate early so that Lane could pass out invitations at pre-school.

Once again I got myself into a heap of sewing work.

You may remember that I made Angry Birds shirts for Logan's birthday party goers one year. Then the next year, Logan insisted that I make shirts again, so I made minion shirts for the party goers.

Well - Lane was never one to be left out. When we decided that the party was a go, she immediately asked me what kind of shirts I was going to make for her party goers.

Nuts! I was hoping to let this little tradition fall by the wayside. No such luck.

Although for those crafty mamas out there, you'll totally recognize that I chose a relatively easy design this time instead of the intricate minions.

Crowns! With their first initial on each. Simple. So of course I had to jazz them up a bit with some shiny sequins. :D

Notice the one blue prince t-shirt for Logan in the mix as well. He wasn't gonna tolerate any of that pink even for his little sister's princess party.

We had the party at Kid City which is where we had Logan's last birthday party as well. I love this place on a weekday evening. Hardly a soul is there so all the party goers have free reign of the place. The staff cleans up, provides food, drinks, goody bags and the party room. We barely have to lift a finger.

Logan the birthday prince. Despite what he says about the whole affair, he had a good time.

Here is me trying to work the panoramic effect on my phone. Yeah... not so good.

We played birthday pirates. Hats as patches. There were a lot of "Happy barrrrrrthday ye scalawag!" yelled in little girl high pitch.

Lane had to have a special crown to denote that she was the Birthday Princess.

Presents were opened in a burst of girlish squeals. I am not so used to girlish squeals. It's an acquired taste I think. All of the girls got in a line at the top of the Kid City slide and screamed at the top of their lungs all the way down in a chain of little girls. Oh dear... I'm working on getting used to it.

The girls were so precious though. Super adoraprecious! And Lane had the most awesome time. She was so excited days before the party and the anticipation was almost too much for her to bear. At least the party lived up to all that anticipation. Phew!

Group shot!

And again - this time more serious... well as serious as this bunch of party animals can be.

Here's a video of the cake presentation. For some reason I didn't think to take a picture of Lane's pretty pretty Tinkerbell cake. D'oh! But you can kinda see it in this video. Happy 5th birthday my sweet little girl! I love you so much.

Are we gonna have cake on Lane's actual birthday as well? Darn tootin!

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