Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Team L-T at the Red River Exhibition 2014

The weather finally cooperated enough to allow us to take in The Red River Exhibition this past weekend.

Fun was had by all (along with spending about a million trillion dollars - oy! that event is pricey!) The food alone is worth every penny though. Not to mention all the smiles from the kids when they won their own toys by playing all those carnival games.

Here are some highlights:

No matter where we are and how much indulgent food there is to gorge upon, Lane always finds her noodles or veggies. And in this case, she found noodles AND veggies - SCORE!

After waiting in line to get into the park for about 45 minutes, Logan chows down on a huge burger. Waiting builds up appetites.

Classic merry go round shot.

Lane remembered these cars from last year. They whip around pretty fast on the edges and she refers to this ride as a "big kid" ride. She insisted that she go on this "big kid" ride right away. I enjoyed the squeals of delight every time they whipped around the corners.

Of course, we couldn't miss a showing of Extreme Dogs. Terry and I forgot what this show was called so all day we were referring to the "Super Dogs," the "Epic Dogs," the "Awesome Dogs." Logan and Lane fell in love with each and every dog that was doing tricks and running through obstacles. I'm sure if they could have convinced us and the dogs' owners, we would have brought them all home with us.


We went to the petting zoo display and checked out all the animals. Logan informed us that the grey owl was the official bird of Manitoba. We were looking at an Emu which is the national bird of Australia apparently. Smart boy! (although I haven't actually fact checked him - hmm.... grey owl sounds plausible).

The kids got piggy ear hats and sat on a plastic cow.

And then we found some frozen yogurt and sat down for a rest before we decided to call it a day.

Actually, right before the kids got frozen yogurt I dragged the family through the quilt show. Oh my gosh you guys! There were some awesome quilts! I strolled through and gawked at them all while the kids rolled their eyes at me and tried to get me to hurry up because they wanted to stick their hands in the hot tubs on display across from the quilts. So no photos because I was already pushing my luck by getting the kids to even let me look when there were so many more exciting things to do.

The kids came home with all manner of prize animals. We had dino, smurfs, a tiger, and 2 big green frogs balloons. Oooh boy! Good times!

I'll chat at you some about the birthday party we had for Lane last night in the next post. Stay tuned. :)

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