Monday, 23 June 2014

Our Little Pre-School Graduate

Lane is officially done with pre-school!


I'm surprised as you are! Where on earth did the time go?

Seems like just yesterday, we brought little baby girl Laney home with us from the hospital.

And now she's going to start Kindergarten in the fall!??

Time is truly a cruel and unruly bitch.


Let's look at some cute photos shall we?

Our little sunshine got her face painted at the Family Centre year end party earlier this past week. She won't be going to the family centre anymore next year either because it's open in the mornings and she'll be at Kindergarten every morning. *sigh* My baby is such a big girl.

Ice cream at the Family Centre year end party. I spot a stroller from one of the other kids in the background. Yet another device that we haven't used in awhile. We didn't take the stroller to the Red River Ex last weekend... and boy was that strange having to carry all of our stuff instead of sticking it in the stroller basket. Oh well... we're growing and moving onto bigger things, new stages and all that jazz.

Lane insisted that we make a pretty cheese plate for her graduation party. I used a small flower shaped cookie cutter to cut out flower shaped cheese. Pretty!

I bet you can guess where Lane chose to go for her graduation dinner? Hehehe... OK... so maybe things don't change that much after all. ;)

Our little graduate in procession.

Adjusting her cap and gown.

Standing up and announcing that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Can I get a collective "Awwwwwwww."


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