Sunday, 1 June 2014

Is It a Museum or a Boat?

This morning we learned that Lower Fort Garry wasn't open on the weekends until summer officially begins on Canada Day. So our plans on going were ruined. :(

Terry searched around for something else to do and came up with the Marine Museum of Manitoba (in Selkirk).

Yes... there is such a thing!

Not being anywhere near an ocean didn't stop us. Lake Winnipeg was and is a thriving port and fishing treasure trove. So much of central Canada's trade was linked to these waterways. I admit, I totally geeked out over the whole thing.

And who wouldn't want to visit a museum that is a boat?

Yes... there is such a thing!

It's more like a series of boats jammed packed with artifacts. As soon as Terry saw it in his search, he remembered going there when he was little. And as soon as we pulled up into the parking lot, Logan starting jumping around and insisting we let him out of the car right away because he NEEDED to check out the boats!

Here are some photo highlights:

We stopped off at the Half Moon Drive In for lunch before our adventure on the boats.

Terry always has a certain... knack... for photographing me at my worst. Here I am making faces. (I'm secretly thinking that maybe I always just look like how Terry's photography skills portray me - and then it makes me sad and I stuff my face full of onion rings... which probably induces that face that I'm trying to avoid... *sigh*)

Oh no! Underwater man has finished capturing Sponge Bob and Patrick and is looking to add a Laney and a Loags to his collection. Watch out!

This family is very fancy. We sat at the Captain's table in the diningroom of the Keenora.

Playing at being the captain. I heard something about ordering Lane to swab the decks and Logan being a scallywag.

Terry says, "I've got to take a picture of you beside the old Singer sewing machine cuz sewin' is kinda your thing." He has a point.

Making our way to the top of the Keenora.

Another wheel to play with.

Daddy and the kids in the hold of the fishing boat The Lady Canadian. I was assured the place was well vented all these years and only imagined what it must have smelled like in there in the boat's heyday. Peeeyoooo!

Lane has set a course for fun on the Joe Simpson.

Here I am geeking out and reading about Joe Simpson - the ship's namesake who apparently was a pretty good hockey player. ;)

Playing Pop Up Pirate in the games room/lounge of the Keenora.

The museum grounds also had the remnants of 2 lighthouses. I tried to get the kids to pose in front of this one, but they were getting a little hot and cranky by this point.

So I put them on the boat called the "Jackass"... oooops... actually the boat is called the "Jackie". I just couldn't resist because of the way I cut off half the name in the photo. hehehe.

The ships made up the museum (so cool!) and were set up on the grounds and joined together with catwalks. The kids have agreed that this museum shall be added into our regular summer rotation of fun crap to do within driving distance from home.

A museum that's a boat? I'm on board with that!

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