Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Iron Craft #11: A Dollar, A Euro, A Pound...

This week's challenge:

"I have to say this is one of my favorite Iron Craft challenges, which is why you are seeing it again this year, it is the Dollar Store challenge. Create something using mainly supplies from the dollar (euro or pound) store. (Ok, we know not everyone has dollar store close to them, so things that are cost a dollar from other stores are ok too. Stores like Target and Jo-Ann have dollar sections in them.) We aren’t going to ask to see your receipts, but you know what is true to the challenge in your area." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Almost every  morning after I drop Logan off at school, I head on over to the post office. Like... enough mornings during the week to trick my Google phone into thinking that I actually work at the Post Office. My phone - in an attempt to be helpful - tells me the ETA to this post office every morning.

This post office isn't open until 9:00 am but I usually get there about 10 minutes before. The Dollar Store right next door, however, is open at 8:00 am. So I usually end up wandering around the Dollarama for a few minutes while waiting for the post office to open. I'm there A LOT and had about a bazillion ideas for this challenge.

The problem with having a bazillion ideas is that I have such a tough time narrowing it down. Such a tough time that I didn't really get started on this project until yesterday. It was a PD day for the kids so they were home with me. It was a good thing they were because Logan was the one who helped me focus and came up with the some of the ideas. Phew....

I started with these supplies. A wooden crown hanging, a bamboo gardening fence, some gardening plastic tags, coloured duck tape, paint brushes and lots of paint (some of this paint was from Michaels but it was only $1 so it counts!)

The kids donned their paint smocks and got to work. We pulled the fence pegs out of the wires holding them together and painted them. We also painted the plastic garden tags in colourful shades.

I drew a pencil divide on the wooden crown and let each kid paint half.

When it all dried, we taped the garden tags to the wooden pegs with the duck tape and I wrote labels on each.

Ta da! Now we have some beautiful garden tags. Much better than those lame white plastic ones that they started out being.

We nailed the crown to the fence next to our newly planted pumpkin patch. This is a new crop I'm trying this year. Hopefully it'll work out.

We planted them in the mound style in twos (so they pollinate each other) that I researched and they've been thriving and growing so well. Here's hoping...

Last year Logan planted peas in a pot and they worked out lovely. We also started our sunflowers in little pots and then transplanted them when they got a little bigger. So we are doing that again this year. Logan picked out geraniums as his pretty garland flowers this year as well.

Lane can't be left out and is doing just as her brother is doing. Here are her crops all nicely labelled in pretty colourful tags.

Our fantastic neighbour across the street knew that I was after some rhubarb. One morning last week, I found a present on our front step. Rhubarb! Yay! I have yet to dig out the place we're going to plant it, but at least it has a pretty tag.

Our tomatoes are in the front bed (covered in seeds from our tree - yikes!)

And I haven't quite got around to planting our sweet pepper yet, but this week looks to be sunny and prime planting weather. At least the spot I'm going to plant it in has a pretty garden tag now.

I think these tags are a hit in our family. So pretty and colourful.


To see what all the other Iron Crafters created using stuff found at the Dollar Store, please visit the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

Wow, what a garden! This is my first summer in a condo with no garden. I won't miss the work but I'll miss the rewards.