Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Iron Craft #12: Let's Hear It For The Boy

This week's challenge:
"With Father’s Day on the horizon, let’s make this challenge about the guys. Make something manly for this challenge, something a guy (or boy) in your life would like." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

I like to use Iron Craft as a way to learn a new craft or technique without feeling guilty about spending time on something when I have a list of regular sewing to do. If I have a challenge to complete, then it's OK to take a break from the regular stuff and try something new and cool.

So for this challenge I decided to work on tapestry crochet.

I've seen Kat (the Iron Craft challenge setter) do so many beautiful knitting projects with amazing pictures knitted right in there. I knew that you could do this with crochet as well, but was afraid to try. It looked super difficult to carry all those colours through with the stitches and bring them out at the proper time.

Turns out that if you go really slowly and concentrate on every single stitch, you can make something really cool. This little minion bookmark? keychain? patch? was made in about an hour and a half. Not exactly speed crochet here, but you can actually see the minion in there, so there's that.

My little guy loves this minion. He loves it so much that he's having a hard time deciding what it should be. I think we're going to so with keychain for his bike lock key. I just have to find a key chain ring to add to it.

I used a friendship bracelet stitch pattern to make it and carried all the yarns through with me. It actually worked! As this pattern was pretty easy, I didn't have to learn how to crochet backwards along every second line (although I might try that with a more complicated pattern to make the stitches on the front appear stronger). I edged it with tiny picot stitches.


To see all the other manly crafts this week from the Iron Crafters, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

What a great way to use the Iron Craft challenges and as a challenge it only makes sense to try to challenge yourself and learn something new. I'm glad my knitting could inspire you. I love colorwork, but man, it does take some concentration!