Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Birthday Mermaid

Little Lane attended a birthday party over the weekend. This particular birthday party was being held at the swimming pool. The birthday girl is very into swimming.

So when we started looking through patterns for a birthday present, we had a swimming theme in mind.

Lane saw this crocheted mermaid pattern and fell in love.

She chose the colours according the the birthday girl's faves and I went to work making the perfect birthday mermaid.

Purple and pink. Who would have thought a 5 year old girl would like those colours? :P

I used my regular peach coloured yarn (Bernat Handicrafter) to make the mermaid body. This yarn tends to make things a lot larger than the pattern photos. Not really a big deal when it comes to making toys. Although I did notice this mermaid is a little chubbier than the pattern photos. I think it's awesome. Who needs all those super thin Barbie Dolls anyway? I think this mermaid is much more lovable and realistic (bodywise... not mythical creature-wise I guess... although... maybe real mermaids if they exist might be a little chubby. Who knows?)

The crazy amount of pink hair was the most difficult part of this creation. And it really wasn't all that difficult. More time consuming than anything. I sure liked playing with all that hair while mermaid spent her time with us before the party. I braided it, twirled it, made mermaid flip her hair in every direction... hehehe...

I hope this mermaid is appreciated at her new home. I sometimes wonder if kids would rather have more recognizable/popular toys than handmade ones. My kids prefer the toys that I make for them, but they are used to having a mommy that makes stuff. Most likely these handmade toys are more appreciated by the adults at the parties and the kids stick them in a corner in favour of the store bought toys. Oh well... I think this mermaid is neato! I want one - and so does Lane! Any thoughts on handmade gifts?

(A link to my project on Ravelry)

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