Friday, 30 May 2014

School BBQ 2014

Every year the parent's association at the kids' school puts on a huge bbq/fundraiser.

Every year - my kids go crazy looking forward to it.

This is the third year we've attended and it's still the social event of the school year for the kids.

Some highlights:

It's totally funny comparing these photos to the ones from the BBQ last year - they are very similar...

There are ketchup faces in both sets of photos.

This year the kids got to check out a police car. Uh oh... what did those hoodlums do now?!! The nice police officer put them in the back of the car. I'm guessing they had better haul these two downtown for questioning hehehehe

We had to continue the tradition of daddy wearing silly Lane hats at the BBQ. Last year he was wearing Lane's princess tiara.

The kids may be a bit bigger, but they still had fun sliding down the big inflatable slide.

Making funny faces while eating? Check.

And Lane the firefighter.

Some things never change and yet it feels like so many things have changed in the year since we've been to the BBQ.  Have you seen the size of my kids?! They just keep growing.

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