Monday, 19 May 2014

Crocheted Running Armband

Before I show you my latest crocheted project I'd just like to thank everyone for entering my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway last week. April won! I will be sending her Fat Quarters out to her tomorrow morning. Yay!


And now for my latest project. It was my turn in the crochet project rotation so I decided to make something that I really need.

I made a running armband last year that I liked quite a bit. It went with me on all my runs last year and at the beginning of this season. But it was becoming a little worse for wear. When I run, I sweat - A LOT! And the light coloured armband didn't stand a chance. :(

Time for a new one. And now that I'm into crochet, why not try to crochet one?

Turned out pretty cute eh?

As you can see, I used the ends of my pastel coloured yarn so my armband ended up being all sorts of colours.

I think it makes running easier and more fun if you have something bright and exciting to wear. Or at least that's what I try to convince myself of.

This is the pattern that I used on Ravelry.

It was straight foward and easy to follow. Even included instructions to make it fit your current music player (which in my case is my phone).

I tried it out on Saturday morning and it worked like a charm. The pattern also had instructions if you wanted to add an extra pocket for your keys, money, etc. I figure that the pocket I made is deep enough to hold a key and some money if I wanted to bring that along, so I didn't add that extra pocket.

The strap wraps around my arm twice which makes it nice and tight. It doesn't slide as much as my first fabric armband did. And if I ever lose weight and gain tons of muscles, it'll grow or shrink right along with me. Yay!

Here is the link to my project on Ravelry just in case you wanted to know more crochet details about this particular project.

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