Friday, 23 May 2014


The other day we were wandering around Petland. We're prone to doing that as a time killer and because Lane is so in love with animals of all kinds that she needs a little lovin' time every now and again.

There was a cat there with black fur and white paws. I told the kids the story about the friend I had when I was Logan's age who had a cat like that and they named him Boots.

I thought it was an amusing anecdote, but the kids were too busy fawning over this particular cat that they barely heard me... or at least didn't show any outward signs of paying attention to me.

Kids are strange.

And this post really has nothing to do with Boots the cat - I was just thinking about that when I typed in the title of this post.

I'm kinda strange too eh?


On with the real post...

About the boots...

The boots survived the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad winter!

Lane and I put fresh flowers in them this morning and they are looking pretty good. And Logan busted a hole in one of his rubber boots a couple of weeks ago, so I have a new pair to nail up there. I'll get to it soon, but right now I'm itchy smitchy and sneezy wheezy. Is it just me, or is the allergy-causing junk in the air especially bad this year? Oy! I want to bathe in Calamine lotion. Ugh - I can only handle a little bit of outside at a time.

Not that I'm complaining - I will never complain about it being too warm and summery ever again. After this winter, it could be a scorcher every day until the end of time and I'll just keep my mouth shut and be grateful :)

Oh boy this post was kind of all over the place today. Sorry about that. It's Friday. It's finally warm outside. And the hay fever is making me goony.

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