Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Sponge Bob Shoe Lace Practice Pillow

I have a confession to make: I haven't taught Logan how to tie his shoes yet.

Terry has been working with him recently because he had his heart set on some lace up running shoes this time around instead of the usual Velcro.

Emergency time!

I thought that I had better put on my mommy pants and do something to help my little guy learn this valuable skill.

So I made this Practice Lace Up Pillow:

The pattern is from one of my bloggy BFFs over at the Silly Pearl.

It was such an awesome pattern. Easy to follow and I whipped this pillow up in an afternoon.

You might have noticed that this particular pillow is made out of 4 different kinds of Sponge Bob themed fabric. The choice was sort of intentional because it reminds me of the episode when Sponge Bob forgets how to tie his shoes and Gary the snail has to teach him. There is a catchy little loop de loop song included in that episode. I couldn't find a really good video of it, but here's the idea:

Well... actually... I have another confession to make - I really only chose the Sponge Bob fabric because I had a ton of it in all sorts of patterns and colours. But it sounds better to say that I purposely did that because of the shoe tying episode.

Now Logan can place the pillow on his lap whenever he's watching TV and practice, practice, practice. :D


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