Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hoppy Easter Everybunny! 2014

Easter started early this morning at our house when little Laney came wandering into our bedroom at 6:37 this morning.

"It says 7 on the clock mommy." We told her that she wasn't to wake us up until 7.


I invited her into bed with us and she laid there looking around until for 20 minutes until the real 7 o'clock.

Then she got up and raced to her brother's room to wake him up. That didn't take much doing. All she had to do was remind him that the Easter bunny had come.

But what is this? No treats? The Easter bunny was sneaky as he is every year and left a clue as to the whereabouts of the Easter treats.

The first card read: "Good morning Logan and Lane / There is lots of chocolate to gain / Just follow these clues and you will find / All sorts of treasure to blow your mind. Clue 1: Look close to where you store your mittens.

The kids immediately ran over to the bench where we shove all our winter stuff.

There was a clue taped to the inside!

It read: "No treasure yet but don't fret / You still have a few clues to get / Clue 2: Look where you store your cereal."

Hmmm this bunny can be a wascaly wabbit can't he?

The kids ran to the kitchen to where the cereal is stored.

Another clue taped to the counter!

"Nothing yet, but you're still on track / Here's another clue because there's no turning back. / Clue 3: This is the remote that helps you play Mario 3D"

This is where Logan declared: "How does he know?!!"

Lane replied with, "That bunny must be talking to Santa."

Yes.... the bunny knows all about you kids. ;)

The kids ran downstairs to the WiiU to check out the remote.

The next clue!

"The bunny likes games, but no chocolate here / I bet this last clue means the treasure is near / clue 4: When your dad works from home, he works from this desk. Look under it."

The kids ran to the office as fast as they could!

Ta da! The Easter booty was found underneath Terry's work desk!

The kids brought all their stuff out to the rec room to investigate. Lots of fun candy and wind up toys.

And for some reason the Easter bunny always brings bath stuff. Foxy bath mitts for Logan. (Last year the bunny brought hooded towels)

Candy and a wind up chick.

Bunny bath mitts and a wind up bunny for Lane.

Hoppy Easter Everybunny from Team LT!!!!

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