Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Crocheted Tux the Linux Penguin

Terry had to work at home for a lot of this winter because I couldn't go outside. While he was gone from his office, his sewn Tux Penguin went missing. Not sure if someone stole him or if he had fallen into the garbage can and got taken away by accident... or whatever....

Anyway, Terry no longer had his prized Tux Linux Penguin to display in his office while he works on Microsoft stuff all day.


Bye bye sweet old sewn Tux. We will miss you.

During the time since I made this sewn Tux, he has gone through a bit of a logo makeover.

He used to look like this:

This guy resembled the sewn Tux Penguin I made for Terry.

But now Tux looks like this:

A bit of a "cute" makeover don't you think?

So I had to roll with the times and crochet a new one for Terry.

Ta da!  Cute!

Luckily for me, there is a crochet pattern to follow to make this Tux. I found it here.

You may have noticed that the pattern came with an Hawaiian theme. Terry said that he didn't want Tux to appear to be having more fun than him in the office, so he decided against the Hawaiian shirt and surfboard. I have it available though if he changes his mind... or Tux decides to go on holidays heehehehe.

Logan wants daddy to keep Tux at home to decorate his home office. Not sure if that's the plan or if he will be going to Terry's office downtown where he will be sure to meet Link and Hobbes. Either way, he's a super cute representation of one of Terry's passions. Yay!

The link to my Tux the Linux Penguin project on Ravelry - for all the crochet geek details like the type of yarn I used etc.

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