Saturday, 19 April 2014

Adventure Time Crafting with Peeps!

This year Iron Craft decided not to do the Peeps challenge. I can understand why. After 2 years (3 for the creators of Iron Craft) it was probably getting a little long in the tooth. And for some of the Iron Crafters, Peeps aren't the easiest candy to find. With High Fructose Corn Syrup banned in a lot of countries, these sweet treats are contraband in those places.

But I had the itch that comes up about this time of year. I needed to craft with Peeps. We had so many ideas. We were going to make Luau Peeps because Terry and I have been obsessed with Hawaii lately. We were going to remake the Katy Perry Dark Horse video in Peeps even though that proved to be a little bit too much out of our crafting abilities.

We finally decided on something easier to make with children helpers.

Adventure Time!

Logan is obsessed with this cartoon. Well... I'm thinking it's more Terry that's obsessed and Logan and a heavy like for it.

So we made...

Lumpy Space Peep.

The glue kinda melted into the candy and caused a mess on the paper we used, but we finished Finn the Peep (he even has a green backpack on his back).

And his trusty sidekick JakePeep.

I think he's the funniest one!

And of course, don't forget Princess BubblePeep.

Laney made a series of pretty girl Peeps. The one with dark hair is inspired by Katy Perry. I know that one of her Peeps is called Gina and the blonde one is named Chip and there's one that looks like Princess Ariel. All so pretty!

And Logan crafted with green chick Peeps in an Adventure Time theme as well. I especially love his Beemo and Jelly Princess. So funny!

 Happy Easter from Team LT!

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kat said...

These are so fun. I secretly love Adventure Time too.