Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Iron Craft Challenge #5: A is For...

This week's challenge:

"For this challenge we are starting at the beginning…the beginning of the alphabet that is. Create a project based on the letter A. This one is a little challenging, but once you start about it you’ll be surprised at the ideas." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


So for my A I went with....

A is for Aboriginal Doll

My mother had an Aboriginal Woman doll that I loved very much. It was so intricate with her leather dress and beading. My mom wouldn't ever let me play with her because she was so delicate. I've always wanted to make one - not as fancy.

But let me tell you, I struggled with this one. Maybe I had to vision of my mother's doll in my head and this one just didn't quite measure up. Maybe I just haven't been in a crafty mood lately. Anyway, when I made the doll without any clothes, it totally resembled a voodoo. Since this project wasn't called V is for... I decided I needed to work a little bit more on getting her in a better place.

The problem was her skin tone. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anything new for these projects and I just didn't have the proper colour in all my fabrics. Peach wasn't going to do, a plain muslin wasn't going to do, gah! This was the closest I had. But then it was the same colour as the soft micro-suede I had put aside for her dress. So that didn't work. I ended up using brown felt for the dress instead. I let her sit for several days while I debated in my head whether I was going to scrap the whole thing or not. I finally decided that since I made this doll already, I couldn't very well leave her naked and throw her out. Dolls don't ever deserve that!

So I made the dress. That helped immensely. I made her headband and glued the beading on them both along with her fur moccasins. She was starting to look better. To make her eyes not so "voodoo I'm gonna get you" eyes I added a few eyelashes. I put a feather in her headband and she was almost ready. I just had to do something about her hands sticking out in voodoo style. A basket was just the thing. Of course, I figured all of this out last night, so I didn't have time to make a really fancy basket. I think I might decorate it a little more. This is what I had done for the project deadline though.

As you can see I should have spent some time getting rid of all the glue gun strings. But she went from looking like a creepy voodoo doll to a nice Aboriginal doll, so I can't complain that much. Sometimes you just have to see things through and hope for the best.


I wonder what her name should be?


To see all of the A is for... projects from the Iron Crafters, check out the Flickr Group.


kat said...

I'm laughing that you were rushing to finish last night because I got the same email from Susi last night. I think she turned out totally non-voodoo! But no idea on names.

Susan J Barker said...
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