Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Crocheted Octo-TP Keeper

My turn for something crocheted ended up being a little something for everyone in the house.

Meet Octo-TP Keeper.

He's very busy guarding our precious paper hehehe

This project only took about 2 hours. So either I'm getting better at crochet... or this project was super simple.

Ok... yeah .... it was super simple. I used this pattern. Although I gotta say - I had to add about 10 more lines than the pattern called for. I guess my yarn wasn't as worsted as the pattern's maker. Maybe chunky would have worked better? Not that adding a few lines was that difficult. :)

I put him in the bathroom to watch over our toilet paper and then went to bed. About 15 minutes later I heard a funny laugh. Terry has noticed there was a new creature in the bathroom and apparently the creature was looking at his junk while he was peeing. Ooops! I guess Octo-TP Keeper is right at that level. Later the next day I heard Terry yelling "Don't judge me!" from the bathroom hehehe. Maybe those slightly raised eyebrows are judgy?

Anyway, he looks super cute in the bathroom, so he stays....

even if he is a little judgy.


Link to my Octo-TP Keeper on Ravelry (if you want to know all the crochet nerd details).

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