Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Louis Riel Day 2014

Yesterday was the day for arbitrary holiday days off in Canada. It's family day in a few provinces, but in Manitoba they call it Louis Riel Day.

Since Terry works for the Federal Government, this arbitrary day off wasn't a day off for him :(

No worries though, I drove downtown with the kids to meet him for lunch - so .... not as good as a day off, but something anyway.

We then came home and made the most of an unseasonably beautiful warm sunny day. It was -4C and sunshiney and spirits were renewed!

We waded through the waist deep snow on our front lawn.

I got stuck and had to flip onto my belly and sorta "swim" my way out.

So I sat myself down a bit and took photos of Lane climbing the giant hill that is along the side of our driveway. I can't believe that Terry has been shoveling the driveway still even though he has to put the snow up over his head on that hill. Ouch!

See? I took this photo from the driveway. The kids are sitting on the hill that was made with all our excess snow. Yipes!

Terry got home from work and played too. Here he is stuck in the snowbank with Logan.

I look super impressed don't I? Hahaha.... oh the dangers of taking selfies. Too much sun, shade and what happens if I drop the phone in the snow? I took these photos for you at tremendous peril to my poor phone. I hope you're happy! hehehe

Ahh... it was all in good fun and to be able to take a shot like this of Logan on top of the hill from the vantage point of being stuck in a snowbank.


Did you have a holiday where you are? Did you enjoy yourself?

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