Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Iron Craft #4: Hearts and Flowers

This week's challenge:

"It is that time of year, Valentine’s Day, which means we are all seeing hearts and flowers everywhere. In that spirit, your project for this challenge should include hearts and/or flowers. It does NOT have to be a Valentine’s Day themed project." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Since this doesn't have to be Valentine's related I decided to make something that I was in dire need of.  I have been using the same pin cushion for 3 years (seriously, here's the post from January 2011 when I made it as proof). I love that old pin cushion but I use it mercilessly. And it's starting to get loose... and used up because it's been poked too much :P (Is your mind right down here in the gutter with mine? hehehe).

See? It's looking a little worse for wear. And pins were falling out of it and landing on the floor where the kids have had to unfortunate luck to step on them. Ouch! So, I took some of the hexies I've been working on and made a pretty flower.

I then sewed that pretty flower onto some pretty pink fabric.

I added some piping around the edge and some fabric with orange polka dot ribbon around it for the sides.

I added some cardboard for shaping and stuffed it as full as it would go and glued it all down. And ta da! My new pin cushion!

It's nice and big with that hexie flower in the middle. And I love that the flower added some stiffness to keep the pins in place.

The kids say it looks like a pretty pokey cake. I can see that.

I used to leave my safety pins opened and punched into the pin cushion, but now with the piping I have something to close them around. Awesome!

I found this craft a little more difficult than I anticipated so it's not quite as polished as I would like. Sewing piping is not my favourite thing which made the flower not quite centred as much as I would like. And fitting the cardboard in there was a pain in the butt. I burned my poor fingers with the hot glue gun trying to keep it tight and in place. But it works and I'm not picky when it comes to stuff for myself anyway. :D If I were giving it for a gift I would definitely redo the whole thing and work a lot harder on making it perfect.


To see the other hearts and flowers the Iron Crafters have come up with, check out the Flickr Group.

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kat said...

I never thought about that extra layer helping the pins stay in better, good idea.