Thursday, 6 February 2014

Entertaining Miss Laney Part 2

Well... it's still cold.

It's starting to get me down. I sprained my thumb because I was doing so much crochet to fill the time I've been spending indoors. I guess that's what I get for being a lefty who had learned crochet with my right, less dominant hand. :(

I'm running low on things to do with Miss Laney during the mornings. Since I can't even leave the house to go out to the car without fear of breathing in the cold air, I can't even take Miss Laney over to the thrift store or fabric store to look around and waste time. I went out the other day, took maybe 1 or 2 breaths of the air and it took 3 days of tight chest and wheezing dizzies to get back on my feet. Bleh.

I don't often sit her in front of the TV, but sometimes I like to have that option. But Kids CBC programming has been put on hiatus for the Olympics. So we've been playing online games and watching the programming on their webpage.

I have been able to come up with a few things to do from the comfort of our rec room.

We've planned a birthday party sleepover for Lane's dolls.

We've played hair salon.

Lane even let me braid her curls as long as I left enough curl at the ends to satisfy her.

Then we had a nail salon. I painted Lane's a pretty pink.

We've painted scenery on scrap cardboard for a makeshift doll house.

Notice the Slurpees I painted on the coffee table. Can't have a decent doll house without Slurpees amiright?

Lane was such an artist! It took her an hour and a half to paint these two walls. She had people, bunnies, cats, portraits, a vase with flowers, windows, tables and pretty coloured walls.

After these masterpieces dry we'll have wonderful new scenery in which to play dollies. Or we might put them up in the puppet theatre and make our own little plays. :D

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