Monday, 24 February 2014

Crocheted Pikachu

Next up in my crochet project bag is Pikachu for Logan.

The kids have made a nice rotation so that everybody gets to choose something for my to crochet when their turn comes up. Logan chose Pikachu.

OMG! So cute right?

This was a super easy pattern. The only trick that was needed was switching colours mid-round for the cheeks and the stripes at the back.

The pattern which I found on Ravelry of course was laid out in a table. I gotta tell ya - this was the easiest pattern to follow so far. I love the table layout. It had which round or line in one column, then the instructions in the middle column and then the number of stitches in the third column. If I ever feel confident enough to write my own crochet patterns, this is totally the way I'm going to do it.

Logan has been totally obsessed with Pokemon lately. The weather has been so cold this winter that the kids have been having indoor recess. It has to be -27C before they are allowed to stay inside, so yeah, it's been COLD. Anyway, Logan has been passing the time indoors by trading Pokemon cards with his classmates. He has pretty much memorized which ones are good, what energies and powers they have etc. So Pikachu was the perfect choice for him.

Love love love this little guy. I love that his tail was crocheted twice and then sewn together to make it stand up like a lightening bolt. It's fantastic!

I just ordered a bunch of small safety eyes to put on my amigurumis. So excited. Stay tuned for lots more crochet fun!

***the link to my Pikachu project on Ravelry***

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