Monday, 3 February 2014

Crocheted Lalaloopsy Doll

This blog turned into a crochet blog so slowly that you might not have noticed....

Actually, it's not supposed to be a crochet blog - but that happens to be what I'm into at the moment.



More crochet:

Ooooh.... looks super pro doesn't it?

And I made that!

Don't believe me because I just learned how to crochet last month? I don't blame you. I can't believe I actually made that as well.

I used this pattern that I found on Ravelry.

Aaaah! For awhile there my fingers sprouted Lala Legs.

The final result from this pattern may look complicated, but it wasn't really that difficult. There were only 4 different stitches in this pattern. Actually they were the 1st four stitches I learned (single, half double and double crochet and a slip stitch).  You also have to know how to work in the round (along with that magic ring). I was determined to learn in the round crochet first because my main goal was to make these amigurumi toys and they all involve stitching in the round.

I got a little further and had some fun with Horsey. Horsey just wanted to be a real girl for awhile hehehe.

I admit that I frogged out the first few lines of the skirt 3 times. Not because I didn't understand the pattern. I actually did the first 3 lines the proper way. Then I looked underneath the skirt and saw some cool lines appearing on the underside. I thought they would look cool on the outside, so I took the lines out and started again backwards. Then I had an attack of conscience because I wasn't following the pattern and decided to take it out and do it the right way. Then I had another change of heart because of those stripes and took them out again and went backwards. I'm pleased with the result after an afternoon of indecision.

And for those of you who own Lalaloopsy dolls, you know that they are very top heavy. In fact, their heads are usually pretty floppy. This Lala is no exception, but I wanted to minimize the flop because I knew the curls were going to be heavy. I just took a plastic Slurpee lid, cut it and rolled it into a tube. I inserted it in the doll's neck before I stuffed the head. The head was fortified a bit so it doesn't flop as much, but still maintains the slightly floppy nature of the original dolls. :)

She turned out so awesome!

If you're wondering what yarn I used it was Bernhat Handicrafter Cotton. It's a bit stiffer than most of the yarns which I found perfect for a project like this where I wanted a bit of structure. She now stands up against a wall with no trouble.

The most difficult part ended up being the naming of this doll. I made a few suggestions: Peachy MacHookerson - to make reference to the fact that she was hooked, Hooky Frogsalot - since I'm learning and I frog out a lot of stitches, or my personal favourite Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins - from the movie Elf and also because she really is cottonheaded. None of these suggestions met with a positive response from Laney though. She did like Rainbow Blossoms a little bit though.

So we took to the Internet and looked up the names of Lalaloopsy dolls to see if any of them resembled the doll I just made. Turns out that I inadvertently made Pillow Featherbed.

She had purple hair and a pink and white dress with a pink bow. Hmmm... so I guess the doll has a name! :D

Everyone meet Laney's new Lalaloopsy doll Pillow Featherbed!

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