Thursday, 27 February 2014

Crocheted Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup - she's the toughest fighter. 
Powerpuffs save the day! 

Don't worry, I added sugar and spice and everything nice (and a little bit of chemical X) when I made this little powerpuff girl for Lane.

For Lane's turn in the queue of crocheted things, she decided on a Powerpuff girl. She actually wanted Bubbles, but I found this pattern for Buttercup and decided to start there. For Lane's next turn I will attempt to make Bubbles since I'm familiar with the pattern now.


She's super sweet. I think when I make Bubbles, I will crochet rows around instead of in the round so that the back colours match up a little better. (More like the shoes).

I love her eyes though. And since Powerpuff girls are mostly eyes, this crocheted method worked so well. Adorable!

I changed the pattern a little bit by actually switching colours and crocheting the white part into the shoe. The pattern had called for embroidering the white part onto the shoes afterwards. Either way would have been fine.

She's so cute but she definitely needs Bubbles and Blossom as her sidekicks.



**** Link to my Buttercup project on Ravelry***


PrairiePeasant said...

You are just taking off with these! Very cute! Is your hand sore yet?

Tawny said...

Crochet is the only thing I want to do while stuck in the house due to the cold this winter. So I'm really flying through the projects! And yes, my hand does hurt (mostly my right thumb). Thankfully I'm left handed and learned how to crochet right, so I don't actually use my sore hand that much throughout the day anyway :)