Thursday, 27 February 2014

Crocheted Buttercup of the Powerpuff Girls

Buttercup - she's the toughest fighter. 
Powerpuffs save the day! 

Don't worry, I added sugar and spice and everything nice (and a little bit of chemical X) when I made this little powerpuff girl for Lane.

For Lane's turn in the queue of crocheted things, she decided on a Powerpuff girl. She actually wanted Bubbles, but I found this pattern for Buttercup and decided to start there. For Lane's next turn I will attempt to make Bubbles since I'm familiar with the pattern now.


She's super sweet. I think when I make Bubbles, I will crochet rows around instead of in the round so that the back colours match up a little better. (More like the shoes).

I love her eyes though. And since Powerpuff girls are mostly eyes, this crocheted method worked so well. Adorable!

I changed the pattern a little bit by actually switching colours and crocheting the white part into the shoe. The pattern had called for embroidering the white part onto the shoes afterwards. Either way would have been fine.

She's so cute but she definitely needs Bubbles and Blossom as her sidekicks.



**** Link to my Buttercup project on Ravelry***

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Iron Craft #4: Hearts and Flowers

This week's challenge:

"It is that time of year, Valentine’s Day, which means we are all seeing hearts and flowers everywhere. In that spirit, your project for this challenge should include hearts and/or flowers. It does NOT have to be a Valentine’s Day themed project." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Since this doesn't have to be Valentine's related I decided to make something that I was in dire need of.  I have been using the same pin cushion for 3 years (seriously, here's the post from January 2011 when I made it as proof). I love that old pin cushion but I use it mercilessly. And it's starting to get loose... and used up because it's been poked too much :P (Is your mind right down here in the gutter with mine? hehehe).

See? It's looking a little worse for wear. And pins were falling out of it and landing on the floor where the kids have had to unfortunate luck to step on them. Ouch! So, I took some of the hexies I've been working on and made a pretty flower.

I then sewed that pretty flower onto some pretty pink fabric.

I added some piping around the edge and some fabric with orange polka dot ribbon around it for the sides.

I added some cardboard for shaping and stuffed it as full as it would go and glued it all down. And ta da! My new pin cushion!

It's nice and big with that hexie flower in the middle. And I love that the flower added some stiffness to keep the pins in place.

The kids say it looks like a pretty pokey cake. I can see that.

I used to leave my safety pins opened and punched into the pin cushion, but now with the piping I have something to close them around. Awesome!

I found this craft a little more difficult than I anticipated so it's not quite as polished as I would like. Sewing piping is not my favourite thing which made the flower not quite centred as much as I would like. And fitting the cardboard in there was a pain in the butt. I burned my poor fingers with the hot glue gun trying to keep it tight and in place. But it works and I'm not picky when it comes to stuff for myself anyway. :D If I were giving it for a gift I would definitely redo the whole thing and work a lot harder on making it perfect.


To see the other hearts and flowers the Iron Crafters have come up with, check out the Flickr Group.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Crocheted Pikachu

Next up in my crochet project bag is Pikachu for Logan.

The kids have made a nice rotation so that everybody gets to choose something for my to crochet when their turn comes up. Logan chose Pikachu.

OMG! So cute right?

This was a super easy pattern. The only trick that was needed was switching colours mid-round for the cheeks and the stripes at the back.

The pattern which I found on Ravelry of course was laid out in a table. I gotta tell ya - this was the easiest pattern to follow so far. I love the table layout. It had which round or line in one column, then the instructions in the middle column and then the number of stitches in the third column. If I ever feel confident enough to write my own crochet patterns, this is totally the way I'm going to do it.

Logan has been totally obsessed with Pokemon lately. The weather has been so cold this winter that the kids have been having indoor recess. It has to be -27C before they are allowed to stay inside, so yeah, it's been COLD. Anyway, Logan has been passing the time indoors by trading Pokemon cards with his classmates. He has pretty much memorized which ones are good, what energies and powers they have etc. So Pikachu was the perfect choice for him.

Love love love this little guy. I love that his tail was crocheted twice and then sewn together to make it stand up like a lightening bolt. It's fantastic!

I just ordered a bunch of small safety eyes to put on my amigurumis. So excited. Stay tuned for lots more crochet fun!

***the link to my Pikachu project on Ravelry***

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Legend of Zelda: Crocheted Link

I haven't done any crochet for Terry .... until now.

His first request was for Link from the Legend of Zelda video games.

That was a tall order because there are several free patterns for Link and he looks slightly different in each game.

But I finally chose this pattern and got started.

Ta da!

I admit - I struggled with this pattern. It called for a small hook and I had a heckuva time with my thumb seizing up and refusing to crochet. Then the hair was a struggle - the instructions were translated from Japanese and the translator said there weren't specific instructions for the hair. I sorta winged it.

As you can see from the back, I could have probably filled out the hair a bit better. But isn't the shield and sword/sheath so cute? There is an add on to the pattern to make these accessories.

Link's head is actually on a crocheted ball joint, so you can remove it and position it however you like. The boots were meant to be removable as well, but I found that became too many small pieces to lose, so I sewed them on.

Then there was the hat. All the comments about the pattern thought that the hat was too big (it was supposed to be removable as well). I thought that making it as short as the other people who crocheted this project would make Link look more like Santa's elf and less like Link. So I made mine somewhere in between. It's still not quite the way I would like - it should be a lot longer, but Terry is very happy with him and that's all that matters.

Link got up to some mischief when he was at our house. He tried to play himself in Wind Waker.

He tried to scale mount Slurpee.

Noooo Link! That's way too much Slurpee for you!

So we decided he was best suited to guard Terry's office at work.

Watch out all of you office marauders! Link will get you with his bamboo skewer sword!

*** Here is the link to my Link project on Ravelry (just in case you wanted to know nerdy crochet details like what yarn I used etc)****

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Louis Riel Day 2014

Yesterday was the day for arbitrary holiday days off in Canada. It's family day in a few provinces, but in Manitoba they call it Louis Riel Day.

Since Terry works for the Federal Government, this arbitrary day off wasn't a day off for him :(

No worries though, I drove downtown with the kids to meet him for lunch - so .... not as good as a day off, but something anyway.

We then came home and made the most of an unseasonably beautiful warm sunny day. It was -4C and sunshiney and spirits were renewed!

We waded through the waist deep snow on our front lawn.

I got stuck and had to flip onto my belly and sorta "swim" my way out.

So I sat myself down a bit and took photos of Lane climbing the giant hill that is along the side of our driveway. I can't believe that Terry has been shoveling the driveway still even though he has to put the snow up over his head on that hill. Ouch!

See? I took this photo from the driveway. The kids are sitting on the hill that was made with all our excess snow. Yipes!

Terry got home from work and played too. Here he is stuck in the snowbank with Logan.

I look super impressed don't I? Hahaha.... oh the dangers of taking selfies. Too much sun, shade and what happens if I drop the phone in the snow? I took these photos for you at tremendous peril to my poor phone. I hope you're happy! hehehe

Ahh... it was all in good fun and to be able to take a shot like this of Logan on top of the hill from the vantage point of being stuck in a snowbank.


Did you have a holiday where you are? Did you enjoy yourself?

Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We actually did do stuff for Valentine's Day. I just forgot to blog about it until now.

We went to the Spaghetti Factory on the 11th to aviod the Valentine's Day rush and also because it was the 5th anniversary of the day Terry proposed to me. :D

And of course, I actually got out of my "it's cold outside and I wanna wear my jammies all day and be grumpy" funk long enough to print out some pretty Valentines for the kids to give out at school.

The cute foxy printables were printed from here.

Lane was a little concerned that her foxes weren't girlie enough, so I hole punched each card twice and tied a bow in the fox's hair... sorta... (the hole punch didn't actually reach to the head of the fox so most of the bows were hanging above like a halo).

Logan had the same ones only without the bows. I made the kids do assembly line candy bags. They were actually very good at counting out enough stuff to go in each bag they needed for their classes.

But seriously, I'm so glad it's over. I'm totally not in the mood to do anything this winter and Valentine's Day was cutting into my veg out and do nothing time.

Terry posted this on my Facebook wall on Velentines Day: "Happy valentine's day babe! Maybe if we leave a heart-shaped box of chocolates under the cupid tree tonight we will be visited by a leprechaun dressed as a bunny meaning we only have two more weeks of winter left." To which I responded "And then a unikitty will fly out of your butt and declare this the best made-up hearts and flowers day evar! Happy Valentine's Day babe!" That about sums it up don't it? Hahaha Terry just gets me.

The weather has warmed up to respectable temps this week - I'm hoping my mood will follow suit.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Crocheted Slurpee Run Bag

I'm still obsessed with making cute amigurumi crocheted things. But I took a little break to make this...

Okaaayyyy... so it's still cute and resembles amigurumi, but it opens!

Yes... you read that correctly. This Slurpee opens and can be used as a bag!

No way!  You know as soon as I saw the pattern for this (and then learned how to crochet) that I just had to make it!

Here's the link to my project on Ravelry (it should have a link to the pattern in there, but as I was crocheting it, I went back to the pattern and it only had pictures and no instructions! ack! Good thing I was able to get a cached version of the pattern and keep going).

 I even learned a new crochet technique with this one. Colourwork. If you look on the inside you can see that I was able to do a pretty decent job of carrying the colour of yarn that I wasn't using along with the stitches in order to eliminate funny lines of yarn on the back. Anyway, I guess it wouldn't have mattered if I didn't do that because I put a real Slurpee cup (cut to shape) inside the bag to hold its structure a little more.

 The top is made with brown of course because Pepsi Slurpee is my favourite! I even put in an authentic Slurpee straw. It was totally no problem to drink the 2  large Slurpees out of the cups I needed to make this project.

Originally, the pattern was for more of a generic looking slushie. It had felt letters spelling "cool" on the front. I decided that this one had to look like an authentic Slurpee, so I carefully cut out the label from a cup, hole punched it along the edge and sewed it on with the blue and red yarn I used to make the cup.

Here's what the back looks like. I love how the stripes swirl a little. The top of the Slurpee closes with a drawstring. The pattern actually had me make several little buttonholes along the top of the Slurpee part in order to string the chain through for a closure. I'm going to put all my Slurpee run money, cellphone, keys, sunglasses, etc in here this summer and use it A LOT! It's so cute!

What do you think? A project totally designed for me isn't it? Or for almost anyone here in the Slurpee capital of the world! :D

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Iron Craft 2014 #3 - Olympics Inspired

This week's challenge:

"For this challenge we want you to be inspired by the Olympics. We are not so much looking for Olympic themed project (though you are welcome to do that), but more projects inspired by anything at the Olympics that grabs you." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough).

It's been well documented that my family loves the Olympics. When I was in grade 6, the winter Olympics were held in Calgary (just a few hours drive from where I lived in Lethbridge). The whole city went Olympics nuts and I caught the bug. I can't help myself. I love to watch all the stories, the wins, the heartbreaks - I always get so wrapped up in it. And my family is the same way. Terry will forever remind me that he was trying to get my brother to like him when we were in Calgary visiting during the 2006 Olympics and was forced to watch for 4 hours straight while hanging out at my brother's apartment. hehehe.  I don't think "forced" is the right word, but I think that's how Terry sees it. He just got a taste of how intense my family gets when the Olympics are on. Winter especially (although I did go to my best friend's wedding over the last summer Olympics and watching them continuously on the plane and at every place my brother and I went during that weekend).

But when it comes to Olympics crafts, I was stumped.

Luckily, I'm learning crochet, so I made it work.

**Warning: I'm going to introduce you to yet another crochet craft - sorry! It's my new love**

A moose! Okay... so that's not very "Olympics"... yet.

Although if you must know - this Moose's name is Sochi.

Ta da! A Team Canada Olympics jersey! :D :D :D

I was searching around Ravelry and I found a pattern for a Canadian jersey that fit this particular moose. I made the moose but realized quickly that the sweater pattern was not going to work. It was really hard to understand and was based on the moose that the designer made which meant the arms and legs were probably sewn on differently than mine. Bleh. So I winged it! I still can't believe it myself since I only learned how to crochet last month.

Winging it meant that I could look at a picture of the new Sochi Olympics Team Canada jersey and go off of that - unlike the pattern which was for a generic looking Canada jersey.

I think I did a pretty good job. It's not perfect. There is a bump on the front which makes the middle white stripe a little wonky, and if you're Canadian you totally know that it's just about impossible to draw that leaf (let alone sew one!)

Why 22 you might ask?

22 is Hayley Wickenheiser's number. She's an awesome Women's hockey player and also our team flag bearer for this Olympics. :D

And this photo just about sums up why I love crochet so much. This is me working on the moose while watching the kids run around at Kid City. Crochet is so portable that I can just pick it up and work on a project wherever I am. Unlike sewing which I pretty much have to do in my studio. Love love love!

So are you a big Olympics fan? Are you watching? Canada is in the lead for medal count right now! I couldn't be happier!

To see all the Olympics inspired crafts from the Iron Crafters please check out the Flickr Group.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Entertaining Miss Laney Part 2

Well... it's still cold.

It's starting to get me down. I sprained my thumb because I was doing so much crochet to fill the time I've been spending indoors. I guess that's what I get for being a lefty who had learned crochet with my right, less dominant hand. :(

I'm running low on things to do with Miss Laney during the mornings. Since I can't even leave the house to go out to the car without fear of breathing in the cold air, I can't even take Miss Laney over to the thrift store or fabric store to look around and waste time. I went out the other day, took maybe 1 or 2 breaths of the air and it took 3 days of tight chest and wheezing dizzies to get back on my feet. Bleh.

I don't often sit her in front of the TV, but sometimes I like to have that option. But Kids CBC programming has been put on hiatus for the Olympics. So we've been playing online games and watching the programming on their webpage.

I have been able to come up with a few things to do from the comfort of our rec room.

We've planned a birthday party sleepover for Lane's dolls.

We've played hair salon.

Lane even let me braid her curls as long as I left enough curl at the ends to satisfy her.

Then we had a nail salon. I painted Lane's a pretty pink.

We've painted scenery on scrap cardboard for a makeshift doll house.

Notice the Slurpees I painted on the coffee table. Can't have a decent doll house without Slurpees amiright?

Lane was such an artist! It took her an hour and a half to paint these two walls. She had people, bunnies, cats, portraits, a vase with flowers, windows, tables and pretty coloured walls.

After these masterpieces dry we'll have wonderful new scenery in which to play dollies. Or we might put them up in the puppet theatre and make our own little plays. :D

Monday, 3 February 2014

Crocheted Lalaloopsy Doll

This blog turned into a crochet blog so slowly that you might not have noticed....

Actually, it's not supposed to be a crochet blog - but that happens to be what I'm into at the moment.



More crochet:

Ooooh.... looks super pro doesn't it?

And I made that!

Don't believe me because I just learned how to crochet last month? I don't blame you. I can't believe I actually made that as well.

I used this pattern that I found on Ravelry.

Aaaah! For awhile there my fingers sprouted Lala Legs.

The final result from this pattern may look complicated, but it wasn't really that difficult. There were only 4 different stitches in this pattern. Actually they were the 1st four stitches I learned (single, half double and double crochet and a slip stitch).  You also have to know how to work in the round (along with that magic ring). I was determined to learn in the round crochet first because my main goal was to make these amigurumi toys and they all involve stitching in the round.

I got a little further and had some fun with Horsey. Horsey just wanted to be a real girl for awhile hehehe.

I admit that I frogged out the first few lines of the skirt 3 times. Not because I didn't understand the pattern. I actually did the first 3 lines the proper way. Then I looked underneath the skirt and saw some cool lines appearing on the underside. I thought they would look cool on the outside, so I took the lines out and started again backwards. Then I had an attack of conscience because I wasn't following the pattern and decided to take it out and do it the right way. Then I had another change of heart because of those stripes and took them out again and went backwards. I'm pleased with the result after an afternoon of indecision.

And for those of you who own Lalaloopsy dolls, you know that they are very top heavy. In fact, their heads are usually pretty floppy. This Lala is no exception, but I wanted to minimize the flop because I knew the curls were going to be heavy. I just took a plastic Slurpee lid, cut it and rolled it into a tube. I inserted it in the doll's neck before I stuffed the head. The head was fortified a bit so it doesn't flop as much, but still maintains the slightly floppy nature of the original dolls. :)

She turned out so awesome!

If you're wondering what yarn I used it was Bernhat Handicrafter Cotton. It's a bit stiffer than most of the yarns which I found perfect for a project like this where I wanted a bit of structure. She now stands up against a wall with no trouble.

The most difficult part ended up being the naming of this doll. I made a few suggestions: Peachy MacHookerson - to make reference to the fact that she was hooked, Hooky Frogsalot - since I'm learning and I frog out a lot of stitches, or my personal favourite Cottonheaded Ninny Muggins - from the movie Elf and also because she really is cottonheaded. None of these suggestions met with a positive response from Laney though. She did like Rainbow Blossoms a little bit though.

So we took to the Internet and looked up the names of Lalaloopsy dolls to see if any of them resembled the doll I just made. Turns out that I inadvertently made Pillow Featherbed.

She had purple hair and a pink and white dress with a pink bow. Hmmm... so I guess the doll has a name! :D

Everyone meet Laney's new Lalaloopsy doll Pillow Featherbed!