Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Winter Clothing is Important (Even for Dolls)

Lane was very excited to spend her Toys R Us Christmas gift card this past weekend. She had it all figured out. She wanted a baby Lalaloopsy.

And that's just what she went there and got. And little baby Crumbs Sugarcookie is the cutest!

But she came wearing only a tiny pair of underwear and a hat. That's it.

She wasn't going to survive this cold snap we are currently having. In fact, I doubt she would make it through any old regular Canadian winter without help.

So help came in the form of a sewing machine and a scrap of fleece.

Crumbs Sugarcookie now has a cutesy yellow zipper sleeper. Lane uses this sleeper with a double purpose. She zips that baby bottle into the bottom of the sleeper so that she doesn't lose it. Pretty ingenious eh?

After I had made this sleeper, Lane informed me that baby Lalaloopsies sleep a lot, but that's not all they do, so this baby was going to need day clothes as well.

Of course. I should have thought of that.

Day clothes it is!

I made a little top that Velcros in the back. With all my Project Project Runway experience sewing fashion for Barbies with big heads, this was a breeze. Lalaloopsies have even bigger heads, but Velcro solves everything :D

Both the top and the pants are made from some of Lane's old clothes. She's the height of baby fashion isn't she?

Do you sew clothes for your dolls? Or your child's dolls?

I'm beginning to really like it! I admit that when Lane comes home with yet another doll, I might be the first to recommend that the doll needs new clothes.:)

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