Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Iron Craft #2 - Get It Together!

This week's challenge:

"The new year is a time when a lot of us focus on where we are in our lives and set goals for the future. It seems like for many of us that goal is to be more organized. So, let’s make that our Iron Craft challenge, create something that will help you (or someone else) get organized OR, for a little different take, you can organize your craft space and show us what you did." (courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Oh my gosh - so I already organized my craft space. I actually did that right at the beginning of the year. But I still had tons of ideas to get organized, so no matter.

As you know, I've been learning to crochet this year. And it's going along so well! To look the part though and to get more organized, I needed a BIG bag to put all those balls of yarn, crochet hooks, etc into.

I had some double sided quilted fabric that I inherited from a friend who was cleaning out her mother's fabric stash. Not really my style, but there was a lot of it, and it worked perfectly for this project.

There is a big pocket on the front of the bag. I store my printed out pattern instructions in this pocket. I even spent some extra time and used a fancy stitch on my machine to decorate the edge of the pocket. Since the quilted fabric is double sided, I got two different prints on this bag which makes it more interesting. I used a solid peach colour from my fabric stash as trim.

 The most special part about this bag, however, is the inside.

I used some leftover foam I had from making the patio furniture cushions last summer. I covered them in the stuff double sided quilted stuff and sewed them in as "walls" or dividers inside the bag! :D I'm so pleased with this result even though it was a major pain to sew them in by hand (I even sewed the front pocket closed by accident once while sewing these in - yikes!)

You can see that some of my yarn is in there and the crochet hook case with all my hooks is in the small compartment. I've been using this bag for a few days now and it's working out fabulously. It's even large enough to carry my Happy Hooker (learn how to crochet) book.

This is what the bag looked like this morning when I took a picture. ACK! Doll legs! hehehehe

 Now I've got my crochet projects all in one portable place. Hmmm... maybe I should tackle that box of yarn I accumulated over the weekend at a huge yarn sale that I went to?

(I'm thinking about making a tutorial for this bag. Let me know if you're interested).


To check out all the wonderful organizational ideas that Iron Crafters have come up, please check out the Flickr Group.


Just Crafty Enough said...

It really is a great bag. I love the decorative stitching on the front pocket. Sewing the pocket shut sounds like something I would do.

Periwinkle Dzyns said...

so the yarn sale was good? awesome

sweet bag!