Monday, 20 January 2014

Entertaining Miss Laney

This winter has been cold. I mean really cold.

So cold that if I go outside and breathe in the cold air, the corkscrew holding my chest together will constrict. And that means serious owey!

Terry has been working from home for weeks now (going in every time it reaches a decent enough temperature for me to safely walk the kids to school and back - which happened about twice since the new year.)

I've been pretty much confined to the house. And with Terry working upstairs, I have to entertain Lane every morning before she goes to pre-school in the afternoon. We're stuck down in the rec room at a quiet sorta decibel.

What to do?

Well... there's laundry... plenty of that. But somehow I don't think Lane would appreciate me doing laundry the entire time.

Daddy brought donuts for his office mates one morning. So we had a morning meeting with Dave, Stuart and Lane. Lots of new initiatives were discussed including redefining minion roles and up employee satisfaction (the donuts helped a lot with that one).

We have drawn and coloured pictures. This one was during a rare outing into the cold with scarf tied firmly around mommy to protect her hurty chest. Montanas has Kids Eat Free Tuesdays. Can't pass that up. And the kids love colouring on the table - so do I!

Daddy took the day off so that mommy could go to the doctor and was found playing Princess Candyland with Lane. He looks so impressed doesn't he?

Even Logan gets into the entertaining Miss Laney groove every once in awhile. Here he is humoring his sister while she puts on a musical show. We have our playroom back after 3 months of it being used as a guestroom. So all the toys are hidden away in there once again and our living areas have been greatly de-cluttered. Woo!

We made pretty headbands.

And because Lane loved making that first one, we made another the following day. The only stipulation she had for the making of this second one was "it has to be super fancy!" (Notice the cookies on her face. We've been busy baking during our time in lock down as well).

I think it worked! We even put a little snow plow in the bow of this super fancy headband. Very Winnipeg of us don't you think? And it will forever remind us of this time in our lives.  Hahaha wasn't that fun? The time we were stuck in the basement for days and days because my chest is a huge bully that will break me in half if I go outside in the cold. Good times... good times...

 And of course we've made couch tents! Lane loves to lay in her pink couch tent and watch Netflix shows (mainly Barney) on the Wii remote screen. It's nice because I can watch the regular TV and don't have to sit though endless episodes of Barney back to back to back.

All in all I think we're making the most of this situation. But seriously... I'm starting to go a little batty. Did you know what I dreamed about the other day?

I dreamed that I figured out the answer as to why we all have spleens. Apparently it has nothing to do with this life, but after we die and go up to the gates, St. Peter reads all our misdeeds which are fused into our spleens. ?!!! Then I started feeling sorry for those who have had their spleen removed because we didn't know its actual function. Then I started thinking that maybe these people are geniuses because now they can get away with murder. Then I started thinking that if this information got out there would be rampant spleen stealing and back alley surgery to transplant good peoples' spleen into really bad individuals. So I decided to keep this information to myself instead of gaining fame and fortune. Phew. I just saved the world while I was sleeping! (In related news: I may have had too much beer and spinach dip last night while watching Supernatural and Lost Girl).... or it could be that I've been stuck in this basement hiding from the cold a little too long.

Here's to warmer weather coming please. It doesn't even have to be that warm. I'll take -25 without the wind chill. I can go outside in that without a worry. Please and thank you mother nature. ;)

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