Friday, 3 January 2014

"Early Parent" Interior Design

January is a time for reinvention. A time to organize and get ready for the coming year. A time to hunker down in the house to avoid the extreme cold outside and perhaps lament over all the crappy furniture you have in your house.


Or maybe that's just me.

For days we've been stuck inside. The temperatures outside have been miserable Like -24C for a high with a windchill of -50C (as if that's even a temperature we use to describe outside. It just shouldn't be).

So I've been staring at this couch.

This poor couch has seen better days. It makes me angry.

Then I remember that as a young couple some 10 years ago, we were living in a tiny apartment and happened to be driving by the house at the end of our block one day when the owner of the house was selling this particular set of furniture. We got the couch, a matching chair, a pink rocking chair and two ottomen (Ottomans?) for $300.  What a steal. And good ole Floyd (the seller) let us borrow his dolly to lift all the furniture and carry it down the street and up the flight of stairs to our apartment. He even threw in some lemonade glasses because he thought we were awesome (or desperately poor - one or the other).

Sadly, the pink rocking chair that I rocked both my babies on in the middle of the nights for oh so many nights has given up the ghost. But this couch lives on... and on... and on...

We can't really afford a new one, and our kids are too young to really get a good couch. A new couch would make for parents yelling "no jumping on the new couch and "no making tents on the new couch" and "no eating while singing and and doing the shimmie shakes on the new couch!" And for all the things good and holy in this world, DO NOT BARF ON THE NEW COUCH!

Yeah... not going to happen.

So we're stuck with the tears in the cushion. And don't think we haven't tried turning the cushion over. Unfortunately, the other side is ripped up more than this side. :(

We're stuck with the overall grossness of this couch that has been scotchguarded and Febreezed to death.

Or are we?

Ta da! A little crafty ingenuity and voila - we have a pretty couch again.

I just took a pile of my scrap fabric, cut it into squares, sewed a huge "blanket" of patchwork and then pinned it inside out around the existing cushion. I then fished the cushion out of the top the I didn't pin and sewed along the pin lines I made. I trimmed it to shape and then turned it right side out and fitted it over the existing cushion. I then slipstitched the top (side against the couch) closed.

And the best part is that the fabrics are all our faves. We've got the Simpsons, Transformers (from one of Logan's t-shirts), Peanuts, Pacman, purple jammies that Lane used to wear, the "relax" jammies of mine that Terry really liked to tease me about, and a ton of other favourites. Since it covers the entire cushion, we have a new bunch of fun fabrics on the underside as well.

I showed a photo of this latest interior design addition to our house and one astute fan said that this reminds her of the "early parent" sort of interior design school. Hah! So true!

So how long do you think we have before one or both kids pukes on it?

I give it three months.

At least we can turn it over :P

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