Thursday, 23 January 2014

Doll Spa Day

In continued efforts to entertain Miss Laney without going outside into the deep freeze (even for a car ride to a warmer place), I decided to have a spa day.

For her dolly of course!

We started with this. Yikes! Dolly Emma was so full of tangles and matted hair that Lane wouldn't even play with her anymore. :(

This was going to be a tough makeover!

We started by giving Emma a soothing conditioner rinse. I looked up how to untangle doll hair on the Internet and came up with either fabric softener or hair conditioner as the best two options. I don't have any liquid fabric softener so I went with the conditioner.

We washed her hair with shampoo first and then worked about a fistful of conditioner in and then let it sit for about 20 minutes.

I then rinsed Emma's hair and started with a wide tooth comb at the ends and slowly picked out all the tangles working in sections. I used a vegan leave in conditioner spray along the way to help with the tangles. Above is what she looked like after all that detangling.

I went over her hair one more time with a thinner toothed comb and then put Emma's hair in braids. Hopefully she won't get tangled up so badly now. Lane is very happy. She even played with Emma for the first time in several months.

Now that Emma has a hair makeover, we decided to do something about the boring dress she came in. The dress has been downgraded to nightie and a new, more fancy gown has been made.

Lane's only stipulation for Emma's new dress was that it has to have the puffy stuff that is used for ballet tutus. Done and Done!

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