Monday, 27 January 2014

Cookie Monster Amigurumi

The sole reason I wanted to learn how to crochet had to do with Amigurumi.

For those of you unfamiliar with that term - it's a word used to describe a crocheted (or knitted) stuffed animal or doll. They are usually super cute and small.

I was reading in my Happy Hooker book that I should just jump in and start crocheting something that I really have to have. That should be motivation enough to wade through all those crazy symbols on a crochet pattern.

So that's what I did:

Ta da! Cookie Monster!

I used a pattern that I found for free on Ravelry. The pattern was simple and straightforward. I had already learned how to crochet in the round, so it was just a manner of figuring out counts of single crochet and doing increases and decreases. I didn't have to switch colours halfway through or anything and everything was sewn on and assembled after.

This Cookie Monster is not without it's rookie mistakes of course. If you look closely at the head, you can see that I somehow got mixed up after I stopped crocheting for a couple of hours and came back to it. The bottom of the head is done inside out. Ooops! I could have taken it out and redone that, but I'm a very slow crocheter and this would have backed me up an hour. Since I was sewing a mouth on to cover it anyway and it is for Lane who wouldn't know the difference, I just left as is.

Lane is very happy with her new friend. And I'm very happy that I jumped in and tried something that I was so unsure about. I think I'm figuring out this crochet thing. Maybe I'll even add some more colour work next time?

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