Sunday, 15 December 2013

Parents Day at Ballet

My little girl is obsessed with dancing... or Zallay as she likes to call it.

(That's not just boring Ballet but rather Zallay with a Zed which is 100 times more special)

And it was Parents Day at her ballet/tap class this weekend.

Oh boy!

Check this little dancing machine out!

She chooses to wear hot pink while most of the other little girls prefer the muted baby princess pink. My girl likes to stand out!

She galloped for our amusement.

She danced with twirly scarves.

And she showed us her tap dancing skillz.

The song playing for this particular dance was "Moose on the Loose." Cool.

ATTITUDE! I love this shot of her with her hand on her hip.

I was able to take more photos of her tap dancing because she was closer to me. My phone camera is being stupid  with the zoom and making most pictures blurry.

Check her out in full gallop across the room in the video. So precious.

Adorable! I can't wait for her little recital in the spring. She loves her ballet class so much!

Up next: Logan's having his grade 2 holiday concert tomorrow night! Woo!

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