Monday, 16 December 2013

Logan's Holiday Concert 2013

Tonight was Logan's turn to shine at his holiday concert.

The event was held at the Arts and Technical Centre which is near enough to our house to walk. And it was only -5C out today so perfect weather for a winter stroll and a peek at some of the Christmas lights and decorations that people have been putting up.

There's my handsome boy ready for his concert wearing his cool Christmas-ey duds.

Here is the the family (I think they look a little like Gru and his 2 minions).

The moon was so gorgeous tonight on our walk to the concert.

And look, I'm in this photo! Wha? I'm so used to being the photographer that I sometimes forget that readers of this blog don't actually get to see a lot of me on here.

Notice I forgot to bring shoes for Logan to wear, so he had to wear his huge winter boots on stage. Ooops!

And huge winter boots say "Hawaii" as well as anything doncha think?


Logan's teacher has been teaching for 49 years and the kids think she needs a break. So they always sing Hawaiian Christmas songs at the concert (or at least that's what the music teacher who introduced them told us). It was super cute!

Logan has been singing that Mele Kalikimaka song for weeks.

They even did some cool Hawaiian dance moves.

And here's a video if I can actually get it to upload *fingers crossed*

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