Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Logan's Birthday Minions

Remember last year when I went all crazy mommy up in here at the beginning of December (when I had about a billion Christmas related things to do). I dropped all those tasks and handsewed a pile of Angry Bird appliques onto t-shirts for each and every kid who came to Logan's birthday party.

Yeah... sometimes I go a little cray cray.

Much cooler heads prevailed this year and I decided all rationally and calmly that I wasn't going to do anything of this sort again.

Then Logan chimed in with, "Hey mom, I think you should put Minions on my birthday party shirts this year."



I'm not that lunatic mother who is going to drop all this Christmas planning again this year and get into that.

Just no.

Then Terry chimed in, "The party is at Kid City this year. Having matching shirts might be good in order to keep track of the kids that belong to our party."




....... awwww crap.

The last two weeks have been me cutting tiny minion pieces out and hand sewing them to these blue backgrounds.

Today I sewed them onto black sweaters that I picked up at the Giant Tiger for $3 a piece! Woo!

Lane came running up behind me as I was taking these photos and demanded to be in them. So here she is photobombing my lovely minion party sweaters photo shoot.

You may have noticed that each minion has the initial of each party goer on its tummy. Uh huh....

Damn I'm good.

And if that weren't enough, Logan informed me yesterday that he wanted to bring cupcakes for the whole class for his birthday. So I spent the entire day baking and icing 30 cupcakes for him to bring - cuz I'm cray cray (I think we've already been through this). OK so a little confession: the cupcakes were a Betty Crocker mix and so was the icing hehehe.  After I slaved over a hot stove all day to make them, Logan says, "Thanks mom, but did you know that the kids usually bring store bought cupcakes to class on their birthdays?"

Really? Things that would have been helpful to know YESTERDAY!

Oh well...

Wish me luck at the birthday party tomorrow night. I'm gonna need it.

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