Friday, 13 December 2013

Lane's Nursery School Christmas Concert

Brace yourselves for a huge pile of adoraprecious!

Lane had her nursery school Christmas concert last night.

Here are some highlights:

Yup that's my girl. She really knows how to sit like a lady in a dress... in the front row. hehehe

Singing with snowflakes.

She made that snowflake in class.

Some of the songs had actions.

And jingle bells!

Are you all the floor in a pool of mushy goo because you just melted from a severe case of the cute? Me too!

At the end - still sitting like a lady :P

And a video, just in case you aren't overloaded with enough cuteness yet.


And tomorrow is parents day at her ballet class. Oh no! My heart can't handle it.


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Unknown said...

Last night we met a wonderful group of young mothers from the Sherman Oaks Nursery School. Anne Zimmerman, one of my brides, contacted me and asked if we would like to do a flower arranging seminar for the school.