Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Iron Craft #26: Time Crunch

This week's challenge:
"Anyway, this last challenge of the year always comes at what is for many of us the busiest time of year. With that in mind, we are going to ask you to take a little time for yourself and do a quick project, something that can be done in one hour or less." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

Now that the busy holiday sewing season is over, I sat down and started working on things that have been neglected until after I was done sewing all the holiday stuff.

I was badly in need of some new ... ahem... intimate items....

So I made me some panties! :D

And I'm gonna show 'em to you!

(No worries if you're afraid to scroll down - I'm not actually in them)

These are super simple to make and only take about 15 minutes each. So I got 4 pairs out of the deal! I had a pile of lingerie fold-over elastic and cut the pattern from a pair of my extra comfy underwear.

So there you have it! Another year of Iron Craft completed. And I completed every challenge! :D


Want to see a look back on Iron Craft 2013?

Of course you do.

Top Row Photos (from Left):
1. Iron Craft #1: Cotton Cafe Curtains
2. Iron Craft #2: Orange Draft Dodger
3. and 4. Iron Craft #3: Hearts and Flowers
5. Iron Craft #4: 1940's Bomb Girls Inspired Dress
6. Iron Craft #5: Green or "Green" Potty Training Pants

Second Row Photos (From Left)
1. Iron Craft #6: Peep, Peep, Peep (2 Broke Peeps)
2. Iron Craft #7: Ethnic Crafts (Chinese Teardrop Purse)
3. and 4. Iron Craft #8: Playtime (Fairy and Forest Houses)
5. Iron Craft #9: I've Got a Notion (Ribbon Pouches)
6. Iron Craft #10: Home is Where the Heart Is (House Quilt Blocks)

Third Row Photos (From Left):
1. Iron Craft #11: Rainy Days (Tree Painting)
2. Iron Craft #12: Picnics (Deck Furniture Covers)
3. Iron Craft #13: How Many Laney Bugs High are You?
4. Iron Craft #14: Vive La Iron Craft (Cream Puffs)
5. Iron Craft #15: Good Night (Jammies)
6. and 1 in Fourth row. Iron Craft #16: The Way Back Machine

Fourth Row Photos (Starting at #2 From Left):
2. Iron Craft #17: UFOs (Bee Quilt)
3. Iron Craft #18: Shiny, Shiny (Monster Purses)
4. Iron Craft #19: Monsters and Witches and Ghosts, Oh My! (Paolo and Stella)
5. Iron Craft #20: Black and the New Black (Table Mat)
6. Iron Craft #21: Cheers! (Ethanol Cross Stitch)

Fifth Row Photos (From Left):
1. Iron Craft #22: Diwali (Lightening Bugs)
2. Iron Craft #23: Snow Day Snowmen
3. Iron Craft #24: Holiday Clothes
4. Iron Craft #25: A Look Back (Another Ethnic Crafts Project: Caroling Dolls)
5. Iron Craft #26: Time Crunch (Underwear)

Wow! Those were a lot of awesome crafts!

Some things I've learned while doing Iron Craft this year:
1. I like colour! Do you see those photos? Not much bland colour in the bunch.
2. Because I like colour, Black is the New Black was the toughest challenge for me
3. The challenge I'm most unhappy with is the Shiny Shiny challenge. Those monster bags didn't come out as shiny as I'd hoped. The kids love them though, so they are a hit in that regard.
4. My most favourite project? Hands down - Paolo and Stella. Oh my gosh, it was so difficult to part with this silly cross stitch. But the zombie conjoined twins have found a new home with my sister who loves them just as much as I do.
5. My second most favourite project is my tree painting. It's super special because I learned that I could paint (sorta) and it hangs over our bed so I get to look at it everyday.
6.  My little Lane loves to photobomb every Iron Craft photo shoot hehehe
7. I really took these challenges as a way to slow down and really plan some things out and that resulted in the best crafts I've done this year. I had a chance to think about things that I wouldn't normally do, or things that I've been thinking about trying but never get around to.
8. I invented the pattern for potty trainers for Lane and for the "Green" challenge and now these suckers are my biggest source of income and have been getting rave reviews from parents who say that potty training is so much easier now that they've tried these trainers. So there's that :D

Here's to another year of Iron Craft! I can't wait!

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Just Crafty Enough said...

Ok, I love this wrap up! And congrats on doing all 26 challenges! I'm glad you are coming back for 2014 because it's people like you & Dr. Russ who make this so fun for me to host.