Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Iron Craft #25: A Look Back

This week's challenge:

"Wow, only one more challenge after this for Iron Craft 2013. This seems like a good time to look back at the challenges from the past year. For this challenge you can repeat any challenge from the past year, it could be one you missed or one you had more than one idea for." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

So... I thought about all the things I wanted to make and remembered that I wanted to make this particular craft way back in April when the Ethnic Crafting challenge came out. But it really wasn't the time to make something so wintery.

Perfect for a look back though.

For the first Ethnic crafting challenge I made the Chinese-esque teardrop bag. This time, to make something inspired by a country other than my own, I went with these cute dolls. They are inspired by the Ukrainian nesting dolls that pop up around Christmas time.

They are the same shape as the nesting dolls, but they are stuffed instead and made into winter carollers.

They are based loosely on this pattern. (I didn't use the wool or tweed.)

This is the first one I made. Lane claimed her right away.

 So I made a few more. I intend to give them away to one of my friends for Christmas. And of course keep a few for myself. They make such cute holiday decorations.

I even made a Chinese one!

Then I made more! and more and more. I seriously have an addiction. I love them so much.

Logan claimed one already as well and makes his move up and down and he sings Christmas carols in a cartoon voice behind it. So funny!

I think they are a hit in this house. :)

****To check out a look back from the other Iron Crafters, please visit the Flickr Group****

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I love all the different fabrics you use & the pom-pom on the head just really makes them adorable.