Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Iron Craft #24: Holiday

The challenge this week:

"It is high holiday season whether you are getting ready for Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Winter Solstice, Christmas or even New Years. So, we are just going to go with the flow here at Iron Craft and tell you to make something for the holidays for this challenge. Let’s face it, that’s what most of us are working on right now anyway." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


It's true. Prepping for the holidays is all I've been doing lately...

So of course every project I've been working on has qualified for this challenge (but some of them I don't want to share just yet because people who might be recipients of these things might just be reading this blog post and I just might not want to ruin the surprise).

Instead of ruining surprises by showing gifts I'm working on, I decided to show off the fancy Christmas duds I made for the kids:

Ta da! Pretty gold dress and gold hair bow for Laney. And handsome Christmasey best and gold bow tie for Logan.

Awwww.... aren't they darling? I could just eat them up and smother them with kisses.

A few details about the dress. I made it using the pattern in my very favourite book for kids' clothes: Sewing Clothes Kids Love 

(Don't you just love this book? Oh my gosh! I could just eat it up and smother it with kisses as well.)

I struggled with this one a bit. The gold fabric was atrocious to work with. Lane went with me to the fabric store and had her heart set on it from the moment she laid eyes on it, so I gave in even though I knew it was going to fray and not give AT ALL.

Anyway, after adjusting the neckline about three times and working with seriously frayed pieces (I don't have a serger to fix these) I finally got it to fit over her head properly. It's fully lined, so the frays were kept in check on the inside of the dress - phew! I love the ties at the back.

And Logan's vest was made using one of his t-shirts as a template and cutting it a little fancy. I used a tutorial featured here for the bow tie and the hair bow. Aren't these 2 a sweet match? They will be wearing their fancy duds to their holiday concerts at school and maybe at Christmas dinner. They already wore them to visit a certain awesome someone at the mall last night...

To see all the awesome holiday stuff the Iron Crafters are making, check out the Flickr Group.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

The back of the dress is really amazing! I could just eat your kids up too, they are just too darling!