Thursday, 12 December 2013

A Bunch of Little Birthday Party Minions

I'm amassing an army!

A tiny army of little minions that will follow me around and do my biddiing.

I wish!

Instead they just demanded birthday cake and party favours....

Harumph... some minions these kids turned out to be.

Of course these photos were taken at Logan's 7th birthday party last night.

Happy birthday to my sweet, awesome, smart, creative, handsome, crazy little miracle man. I love you so much my boy!

I did what any parent would do on the morning of their son's 7th birthday - I bribed the kid to wake up and get dressed by telling him he could open his present from grandma. It worked like a charm - the boy was up and dressed in like 0.0934 seconds.

We decided to have his party on a week night at Kid City. If any of you have been there on the weekend, you know why this is. The weekend is absolute chaos with about a bazillion children running around in all directions and about a gagillion parties going on all at once.

On Wednesday evening, there was 1 party (ours) booked and no one... I mean... NO ONE was there besides us. A few people showed up to play while the party was going, but we had no trouble keeping track of everyone since we pretty much had run of the place.

Doesn't Logan look so impressed with his cake? Hah! His cake was a cute minions cake that we ordered from good ole Safeway.

Unfortunately I didn't get any action shots of the kids playing on all the indoor equipment. They were so busy bouncing in the bouncy castle (which is impossible to take a photo of anyways) and playing secret agents in the laser maze (which is another thing impossible to photograph because who wants their mom to interrupt their spy mission to take a photo with flash inside the laser maze room?)

Everyone had a super time and really loved their new minion sweaters.

There's my little guy's smile! What a sweetie!

Notice how Lane has to push her way into everything. Adorable. She was the supervisor throughout the party - running around everywhere and telling us where everyone was. She was bizeeee.

 And the best part?

It's all over. No mess at my house. No injuries or crying (well... maybe a few tears from me - my boy is growing up so fast *sniff*)

Catcha tomorrow for photos of Lane's pre-school Christmas concert :D

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