Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Iron Craft #22: Diwali

This week's challenge:

"your challenge is to create something using light. It can be something related to candles, electric light, a picture of light or even something that reflects light, once again feel free to think outside the box." (Courtesy of Just Craft Enough)


I decided to go with a fun craft that the kids could help me with. Yay!


They look like just cute colourful bugs... but they are much more....

They are Fireflies!


We had a ton of little plastic Easter eggs kicking around in the bottom of the kids' toybins. So we glued some goggly eyes on them, some pipe cleaners for legs and antennas. We glued a little pom pom to the tops of the antennas and used some glittery sticky craft foam for wings. We made sure to do all that without gluing the egg together.

Then we plopped in a blinky LED magnetic pin thing that we found at the Dollar Store to make them blink.

Logan's is the green one, Lane's is the red one and mine is the blue one.

The problem with doing a challenge with lights is that I'm not a very good photographer. We went to the darkest room in the house (the bathroom with no windows of course) and arranged the fireflies on a flat surface. Then I tried taking a picture.

Oooops! The auto flash went off and we ended up with a bunch of bugs infesting our toilet. ACK!!! hehehe It was the only flat surface in our bathroom high enough for me to take a picture (we only have a pedestal sink, no counter).

Take number 2 with the flash turned off.

Blink blink blink.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I bet the kids loved these! I'm laughing about your photography issues. You should have seen me trying to photograph my wreath! The LED lights act weird with a camera & I'd get a dark picture, followed my a bright light one & every now and then one you could see the wreath. I took what felt like 100 to get 1