Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Iron Craft #23 - Snow Day

This week's challenge:

"I’m hoping to wake up to a world covered in white snow this week. (Yes, I’m one of those people.) I’m dreaming of everything covered in sparkling whiteness. So, your challenge for this week is to make something white. White doesn’t need to be the only color in your project, but it should be prominent. This is a deceptively easy challenge, because there are so many options." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)

This challenge was deceptive. I had no idea out of all the things I want to make - what exactly to make in white.

But then the kids had a day off - not an actual snow day, but close enough. On their PD days off school I always plan a craft to do with them. This time we made tissue paper snowmen!

This is a really fun pre-school type craft. We cut out paper from old magazines and used a glue stick to make the snowman shape and the hat.

Then I cut a ton of little squares out of tissue paper.

I used the glue gun to glue on the eyes and pom pom nose.

And then the kids took the eraser end of a pencil, folded a tissue paper square over the end and dipped it in glue that I had poured out on a paper plate. Then they stuck it on the magazine snowman wherever they wanted it.

Lane's is on the left, mine in the middle and Logan's on the right in the above picture.

Then when they were all dry, I glued some pipe cleaner arms onto them. I had to trim the tissue paper around the face of mine because it buried the eyes and nose. Oooops!

Logan decided to make a big blue smile but not cover the rest of the face. Lane probably had the best idea by outlining her face around the edge.

They all turned out super cute! So we decorated our front door with them.

And mine fits into the challenge because it's mostly white. Yay!

Sorry for the rough photos. I should have taken them yesterday when it was sunshiney out. Instead I took them this morning. I would have waited until it got lighter outside, but I promised Lane that I would take her to family centre this morning so I won't be back to do it until way later.

Another craft with the kids became my challenge entry again this week. There seems to be about a zillion PD days and holidays off during this school season, so I'm sure there might be more. These kids seem to never go to school hehehe.

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Minion Hats

As if I didn't have enough minions kicking around our house, I decided to add more into the mix - in hat form.

It's starting to get colder here in Manitoba - no surprise.

The hats and mittens and boots have come out.

Every year when this time comes, I always stock up on several mittens and hats and scarves so that they are easily grabbed and put on on the way out the door.

And since we have to wear all this gear for about 6 months, we might as well have trendy fashionable hats.

I used the same fleece that I had leftover from making the stuffed minions and fashioned these babies. Logan wanted another Dave with blue band. Lane wanted a pink band around her hat, but I didn't have any good pink fleece, so she got purple. I have a little bit of that in order to attempt to make a purple minion in the near future. Wish me luck!

They turned out super cute!

Even Stuart wanted to wear his likeness.  Oh so meta-minion of him.

I think the children have been assimilated!


Tuesday, 12 November 2013


To prepare for handmade holidays again this year, I decided to get a head start on some fun projects.

Minions we top of the list!

My two little cousins out in Vancouver have taken to the minions that I made for my kids. Well at least they were shown the pictures of the minions and declared them to be awesome.

That's reason enough for me to make one for each of them for Christmas.

Since I was making minions for my cousins anyway, I thought why not make a bunch for family and friends who might like one? Several people have expressed interest in purchasing one should I decide to sell them. Unfortunately, minions are trademarked so I can't sell them on any commercial site like Etsy.

But I can sell them to my friends :D

So I started sewing...

and sewing...

and sewing...

First I made Daves. The one with the D on the pocket is for my cousin Devin.

Then I made Stuarts. Well I'm not quite done the one for my cousin Caitlyn, but the other three are already up to shenanigans around the house.

The kids set them all up to watch a puppet show.

And here they are posing for a photo.

I'll be having a little holiday/birthday open house in order for people to come over and purchase one of these minions if they want. More details on that coming soon.

***The real reason behind making so many minions is to earn money to purchase a new TV. Seriously... we've been watching our poor broken TV through weird ass lines across the top of the screen. We need a new one! But neither of us will use our money to buy one when there are so many more important things to consider... you know... like food and winter gear for the kids....
I figure if I can make some extra money - money that we wouldn't normally have - then that could be spent on a TV without too much guilt, right?****

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Iron Craft #22: Diwali

This week's challenge:

"your challenge is to create something using light. It can be something related to candles, electric light, a picture of light or even something that reflects light, once again feel free to think outside the box." (Courtesy of Just Craft Enough)


I decided to go with a fun craft that the kids could help me with. Yay!


They look like just cute colourful bugs... but they are much more....

They are Fireflies!


We had a ton of little plastic Easter eggs kicking around in the bottom of the kids' toybins. So we glued some goggly eyes on them, some pipe cleaners for legs and antennas. We glued a little pom pom to the tops of the antennas and used some glittery sticky craft foam for wings. We made sure to do all that without gluing the egg together.

Then we plopped in a blinky LED magnetic pin thing that we found at the Dollar Store to make them blink.

Logan's is the green one, Lane's is the red one and mine is the blue one.

The problem with doing a challenge with lights is that I'm not a very good photographer. We went to the darkest room in the house (the bathroom with no windows of course) and arranged the fireflies on a flat surface. Then I tried taking a picture.

Oooops! The auto flash went off and we ended up with a bunch of bugs infesting our toilet. ACK!!! hehehe It was the only flat surface in our bathroom high enough for me to take a picture (we only have a pedestal sink, no counter).

Take number 2 with the flash turned off.

Blink blink blink.

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