Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Toasty Toes Rag Rug is Done

One of the most fabulous ways to use up really tiny scraps of fabric (and you all know that I would be a huge pack rat if I didn't think of ways to get rid of fabric that I can't bear to throw out) is to make a rag rug.

And I just happen to have icy toes when I'm doing the ironing.



I need a rug underneath those poor icy tootsies - especially in the winter.

And winter is coming! (Apparently this sentence makes Terry giggle every time I say it - something about Game of Thrones...)

Anywho... I finished the perfect rag rug for my sensitive toesies.


Unfortunately, the place that it's destined for is not all that pretty.

Right in front of my ironing board in the laundry room/studio. There is a freezing cement floor underneath which would be the cause of my torturous time trying to press anything in the winter.

And winter is coming! *insert Terry giggles here*

I started this baby in July so it really didn't take me as long as the other 2 rag rugs did which took me at least a year each to finish. This one is made out of any scrap fabric I had instead of just knits and fleece like the other two were. It worked just as well although I gotta say - the lint factor coming from the frayed ends of the cotton pieces was astronomical. I think I've picked the kids up from school covered in little pieces of stray cotton every. single. day. for 2 months.

Such a glamorous place for a pretty rug eh?

Yeah... maybe not.

But seriously needed. And who doesn't love functional beauty? Amiright?

PS: Winter is coming!

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PrairiePeasant said...

Love love love it! I've also been known to show up at work with all kinds of thread bits all over my sweater!