Monday, 28 October 2013

Puppet Theatre

Do you ever make a promise to your kids in passing and then desperately hope that they don't remember what you said?


So I promised my kids a puppet theatre.

I looked it all up on the ole Internet and saw a bunch of different ways to go about this. Most of them involved carpenter skillz.  Now you all know that I have masonry skillz, but carpentry... not so much.

I hoped the kids would forget.

Then their uncle moved into the playroom. We had to take down the fairy/forest houses to accommodate this. I had told the kids that they could have their puppet theatre when we took the houses down.

But there was no room I told them. We didn't have the playroom at our disposal. I thought that this would hold them off for awhile. But Logan had other plans. Many... many... plans.

He was planning a birthday party for himself in which there would be a puppet show starring him and his new puppet theatre that mommy promised to make for him. He even started making "puppets" out of paper taped to pencils at school during choice time.

OK. I guess this meant that I wasn't getting out of figuring out a puppet theatre.

I mustered up all my design skillz and figured it out.

Ta da!

And it was simple to make too! :D

I happened to have a double garment rack and an extra bar from another single garment rack laying around. I use these for craft shows, but I'm not doing any more this year, so I guessed they could be used for this purpose.

I set up the double rack in our laundry room/ storage room and put it at its highest setting.

Then I measured the kids and figured out where they would want to have the stage. I duck taped an extra garment bar across the front at this point.

Then I got fabric - mostly thrifted curtains and fabric from the fairy houses - and draped it over the back, sides, top and over the middle duck taped bar. I pinned them where I wanted them with clothes pins until I got it the way I wanted.  Then I make a bit of a curtain out of the white fabric.

I tested once again to make sure the kids would like it.

Then I stitched it in place by basically putting a few stitches here and there to keep everything in place. I want it to be easy to take down when the kids get bored.

 And there you have it! The kids now have a puppet theatre. I moved it upstairs to the livingroom/diningroom which doesn't really have that much furniture in it anyway. The kids love it.

Only one problem.

They have no puppets!  They've been using their stuffed animals to put on puppet shows for now and have demanded that I make them puppets.

So I guess it's back to my little sweat shop... er I mean... workshop to make some puppets.

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