Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lane's a Dancing Queen

Have you seen the cuteness that is my little girl in her dance outfit?

I made this bodysuit, wrap around top and skirt from a pattern purchased on Etsy.

It turned out well, although I must admit this is my second attempt at the bodysuit. The first one didn't turn out so well. I chose a less stretchy fabric and even though I accounted for Lane's long body, it still wasn't anywhere near fitting her. So we went back to the fabric store and picked out a much nicer, prettier lycra and this one fits perfectly.

Here's an action shot.

She had her first class on Saturday and to say she was excited is a gross understatement.

She loves her new teacher Miss Nanci and she is taking the class with a few of her pre-school classmates. Awesome!

Here she is on her first day. She wore a bodysuit with a fancy tutu design sewn right into it that she got from another dancing queen who grew out of it. :)

During her first class the teacher suggested that each dancer bring a bag with their ballet and tap shoes and a sticker book in it to class. They get stickers after each class! EEEEE!! Lane really liked that.

So I surfed Pinterest for awhile and found the cutest dance bags ever and then made one for my little Dancing Queen.

The bag is wearing a tutu! :D

Personalized with her name in purple felt.

Lined with Lane's favourite Sesame Street fabric.

Phew! My little dancing queen is all set!

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