Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Iron Craft #21 - Cheers!

This week's challenge:

"Ok guys, I have no idea what made me decided to do this week’s them, but once I thought of it I couldn’t think of another one. It could be a little bit tricky, but I know you Iron Crafters are nothing if not ingenious! Make something that has to do with beverages or uses something related to beverages (bottles, corks, glasses, cans) as a supply."

There was also the disclaimer that we were free to think way outside the box for this one.


I admit, I had my brother's birthday on my mind and wasn't sure I was going to get this craft completed. Between that and Halloween costumes, my sewing list is huge!

What to make for a bachelor brother who works too damn hard? His life's passion other than work seems to be beer. Not just any beer - this guy is a serious beer snob. He tastes all sorts and has a very educated opinion about them. Things like IPA and stuff I don't know about come up in conversations with him.

To make a gift for him about beer would work for the Iron Craft challenge - but what? I can't just make anything for him. He'd be critical of anything I tried to make involving brands, the colours might even be wrong if I quilted something up, and the gift had to be mailable because he lives in Calgary so no crafty bottles or glass that could break. Tall order.

So I went with something very abstract.

Cross stitch.

Cross stitch chemistry!

Do you know this element? It's a building block of beer (as well as every other alcoholic beverage).

Ethanol alcohol!

Perfect for my geeky brother who works too much - and therefore doesn't have many decor items in his condo. And it has to do with his beer geekiness as well. WIN!

I even framed it up all nice. It can either sit on a table or he can hang it on the wall.

What do you think? Too outside the box for a beverage challenge?


To see the beverage related crafts from the other Iron Crafters please visit the Flickr Group here.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I think it is perfect! My geeky, beer snob of a husband would love it.