Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

We would like to wish you all a happy... and spooooky Halloween.

The kids have been out trick or treating around the entire block and have buttloads of candy. Now it's time for jammies and bed.

And they have a PD day off school tomorrow. Hmmm... I sense a conspiracy to get the kids to stay home while they are hopped up on sugar so they are the parent's problem. BOOOO!!!

That may be the spookiest thing of all.

I don't think I've caught my blog readers up on everything Halloween at Team LT's house. So... Lane went as Tinkerbell. Logan was very specific about his costume - he wanted to be the Northwest Mounted Police Officer that he saw at Lower Fort Garry this summer. The one from 1872! (Like the middle guys in the photo below.

How do you think I did?


The kids are at storytime at the library here. Adorable.

I basically took a pattern for a Mozart-esque coat jacket thing and added my own embellishments to make it look like a Mountie's red coat. I even found the coolest gold buttons with a "crest" type design on them. He looked very regal.

Lane was miss Tinkerbell. The costume was easily sewn together. The leaves were perhaps the toughest things and that was only because I got bored sewing them all together and then turning them all right side out and stringing them all along in rows. Bleh. But the costume is super cute!

Here they are outside earlier this evening, ready to get their trick or treat on!

Terry says he dressed up as a very handsome man. Indeed! :P

I was enlisted to accompany Lane to her pre-school Halloween party, so I came up with a quick costume as well. Roller Derby Girl (um... without the skates because I couldn't very well skate around a pre-school classroom without causing death and destruction to myself and everyone around me hehehe).

I hope you and your families are having a fantastic evening!

Bring on November!

Monday, 28 October 2013

Puppet Theatre

Do you ever make a promise to your kids in passing and then desperately hope that they don't remember what you said?


So I promised my kids a puppet theatre.

I looked it all up on the ole Internet and saw a bunch of different ways to go about this. Most of them involved carpenter skillz.  Now you all know that I have masonry skillz, but carpentry... not so much.

I hoped the kids would forget.

Then their uncle moved into the playroom. We had to take down the fairy/forest houses to accommodate this. I had told the kids that they could have their puppet theatre when we took the houses down.

But there was no room I told them. We didn't have the playroom at our disposal. I thought that this would hold them off for awhile. But Logan had other plans. Many... many... plans.

He was planning a birthday party for himself in which there would be a puppet show starring him and his new puppet theatre that mommy promised to make for him. He even started making "puppets" out of paper taped to pencils at school during choice time.

OK. I guess this meant that I wasn't getting out of figuring out a puppet theatre.

I mustered up all my design skillz and figured it out.

Ta da!

And it was simple to make too! :D

I happened to have a double garment rack and an extra bar from another single garment rack laying around. I use these for craft shows, but I'm not doing any more this year, so I guessed they could be used for this purpose.

I set up the double rack in our laundry room/ storage room and put it at its highest setting.

Then I measured the kids and figured out where they would want to have the stage. I duck taped an extra garment bar across the front at this point.

Then I got fabric - mostly thrifted curtains and fabric from the fairy houses - and draped it over the back, sides, top and over the middle duck taped bar. I pinned them where I wanted them with clothes pins until I got it the way I wanted.  Then I make a bit of a curtain out of the white fabric.

I tested once again to make sure the kids would like it.

Then I stitched it in place by basically putting a few stitches here and there to keep everything in place. I want it to be easy to take down when the kids get bored.

 And there you have it! The kids now have a puppet theatre. I moved it upstairs to the livingroom/diningroom which doesn't really have that much furniture in it anyway. The kids love it.

Only one problem.

They have no puppets!  They've been using their stuffed animals to put on puppet shows for now and have demanded that I make them puppets.

So I guess it's back to my little sweat shop... er I mean... workshop to make some puppets.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Iron Craft #21 - Cheers!

This week's challenge:

"Ok guys, I have no idea what made me decided to do this week’s them, but once I thought of it I couldn’t think of another one. It could be a little bit tricky, but I know you Iron Crafters are nothing if not ingenious! Make something that has to do with beverages or uses something related to beverages (bottles, corks, glasses, cans) as a supply."

There was also the disclaimer that we were free to think way outside the box for this one.


I admit, I had my brother's birthday on my mind and wasn't sure I was going to get this craft completed. Between that and Halloween costumes, my sewing list is huge!

What to make for a bachelor brother who works too damn hard? His life's passion other than work seems to be beer. Not just any beer - this guy is a serious beer snob. He tastes all sorts and has a very educated opinion about them. Things like IPA and stuff I don't know about come up in conversations with him.

To make a gift for him about beer would work for the Iron Craft challenge - but what? I can't just make anything for him. He'd be critical of anything I tried to make involving brands, the colours might even be wrong if I quilted something up, and the gift had to be mailable because he lives in Calgary so no crafty bottles or glass that could break. Tall order.

So I went with something very abstract.

Cross stitch.

Cross stitch chemistry!

Do you know this element? It's a building block of beer (as well as every other alcoholic beverage).

Ethanol alcohol!

Perfect for my geeky brother who works too much - and therefore doesn't have many decor items in his condo. And it has to do with his beer geekiness as well. WIN!

I even framed it up all nice. It can either sit on a table or he can hang it on the wall.

What do you think? Too outside the box for a beverage challenge?


To see the beverage related crafts from the other Iron Crafters please visit the Flickr Group here.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Toasty Toes Rag Rug is Done

One of the most fabulous ways to use up really tiny scraps of fabric (and you all know that I would be a huge pack rat if I didn't think of ways to get rid of fabric that I can't bear to throw out) is to make a rag rug.

And I just happen to have icy toes when I'm doing the ironing.



I need a rug underneath those poor icy tootsies - especially in the winter.

And winter is coming! (Apparently this sentence makes Terry giggle every time I say it - something about Game of Thrones...)

Anywho... I finished the perfect rag rug for my sensitive toesies.


Unfortunately, the place that it's destined for is not all that pretty.

Right in front of my ironing board in the laundry room/studio. There is a freezing cement floor underneath which would be the cause of my torturous time trying to press anything in the winter.

And winter is coming! *insert Terry giggles here*

I started this baby in July so it really didn't take me as long as the other 2 rag rugs did which took me at least a year each to finish. This one is made out of any scrap fabric I had instead of just knits and fleece like the other two were. It worked just as well although I gotta say - the lint factor coming from the frayed ends of the cotton pieces was astronomical. I think I've picked the kids up from school covered in little pieces of stray cotton every. single. day. for 2 months.

Such a glamorous place for a pretty rug eh?

Yeah... maybe not.

But seriously needed. And who doesn't love functional beauty? Amiright?

PS: Winter is coming!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We broke out the ole papier mache formula (one part flour to one and a half parts water) this past weekend and made ourselves some awesome pumpkins to celebrate the season.


Drippy fun!

Perfect for seasonal decoration and the kids absolutely loved papier mache (even the boy who has been known to express his discomfort at getting messy).

Here's mine.



Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

WEST Handmade and Vintage Sale IV

Tawny Bee is only doing one craft show this season.

When there's a sale as good as the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team's Handmade and Vintage Sale, I don't need to bother with the rest.


Actually I've found that Tawny Bee's product (mainly mama cloth and reusable eco pull up trainers) doesn't really fit into a regular craft show environment (with the handmade grandma crafts). It takes a really cool sale with a really cool customer base to understand and totally need my brand of eco-friendly products.  The WEST sale is definitely it!

So you're one of those cool customers and want all the details eh? 

Saturday October 12th, 2013
11 am to 4 pm
RA Steen Community Centre
980 Palmerston @ Ruby
Free admission and Free parking

But that's not all!


Can you think of a better time to win a $50 gift card? Make a purchase at the WEST Handmade & Vintage Sale IV, post your photo on-line and you could win this awesome prize! WEST makes holiday shopping easy in more ways than one. Keep reading for full details and regulations.

Step 1: Come on out to the R.A. Steen Community Centre 980 Palmerston Ave in Winnipeg on October 12th between 11-4pm
Step 2: SHOP...for your friends, your family and even yourself!
Step 3: Take a photo of yourself with one of your items (one item per WEST seller but if you shop at 3 shops you can post 3 photos) and post this photo on one (or all) of the following social media websites
*Instagram *Facebook *Twitter
Step 4: Tag the photo #WESTSaleIV (this is VERY important)
On October 15, WEST will hold a draw with every social media entry and one awesome WEST supporter will win a $50 WEST gift card! The winner will be notified on our Facebook page as well as being notified on the social media site the entry was made on. The gift card can be used on-line or in person at 1 WEST shop. The offer expires on July 4, 2014.

*Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are not affiliated in any way with this contest


But that's not all!

We know you love free stuff-I mean really, who doesn't love free with purchase stuff?  Be one of the first 50 people at the WEST Handmade and Vintage sale IV to make a purchase this Saturday and you will receive a bonus Etsy Furoshiki!


OMG! So now you really gotta push, pull, drag yourself and your friends there on Saturday right?

And to entice you more (like you need any more incentive right?) I'll post up a lovely preview of just some of the items (including mine!) that you'll see at the sale:

So much loveliness! So much want! 

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Iron Craft #20 - Black is the New Black

The challenge:

"Let’s continue on our Halloween theme this week. This time it’s a color challenge, use the color black in your project. It does not have to be completely black, but black should be the prominent color. The project does not have to be Halloween themed." (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


For this challenge I decided to learn something that I've been meaning to try for quite awhile - paper piecing!

Ta da!

Here's what my little round mat looked like after I pieced it all together with tiny pieces of paper that I cut out from magazine pages.

Cool eh?

Then I removed all the pieces and did the regular quilting thang.

 And turned it into this mat.

I put tabs all around the outside which looked pretty neat.

Unfortunately, I'm not used to working with black - I make stuff for kids and that means that I don't have a lot of black in my fabric stash. The black I had in the house was a knit. So of course it stretched a little while quilting and made my mat a little wonky. Oh well. I flattened it underneath a laptop for a night and it looks OK enough to use underneath something at my craft table this weekend.  And I love the little pop of pink with the black.

I'm also getting more patient with sitting and stitching by hand. Not only were all the paper pieces stitched by hand, but the tiny little curved stitching lines around the edges were also done by hand. Phew! It's actually becoming a lot more relaxing than I ever thought it would be. And the star pattern came out so perfect that I'll definitely be paper piecing more things.


To see what the Iron Crafters have created in black, check out the Flickr Group.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Lane's a Dancing Queen

Have you seen the cuteness that is my little girl in her dance outfit?

I made this bodysuit, wrap around top and skirt from a pattern purchased on Etsy.

It turned out well, although I must admit this is my second attempt at the bodysuit. The first one didn't turn out so well. I chose a less stretchy fabric and even though I accounted for Lane's long body, it still wasn't anywhere near fitting her. So we went back to the fabric store and picked out a much nicer, prettier lycra and this one fits perfectly.

Here's an action shot.

She had her first class on Saturday and to say she was excited is a gross understatement.

She loves her new teacher Miss Nanci and she is taking the class with a few of her pre-school classmates. Awesome!

Here she is on her first day. She wore a bodysuit with a fancy tutu design sewn right into it that she got from another dancing queen who grew out of it. :)

During her first class the teacher suggested that each dancer bring a bag with their ballet and tap shoes and a sticker book in it to class. They get stickers after each class! EEEEE!! Lane really liked that.

So I surfed Pinterest for awhile and found the cutest dance bags ever and then made one for my little Dancing Queen.

The bag is wearing a tutu! :D

Personalized with her name in purple felt.

Lined with Lane's favourite Sesame Street fabric.

Phew! My little dancing queen is all set!