Monday, 16 September 2013

Logan's 1st Lost Tooth

In more news that happened over the summer but I haven't had time to share:

Logan lost his first baby tooth!

We were at the mall eating a quick dinner before going to a movie one evening. (In actual fact, we were hiding from our hot house in the awesome air conditioning for the evening).

When out popped Logan's tooth! (In actual fact, it didn't pop so much as fall out with a mouthful of blood). Yech... it really looked like my poor baby got punched in the mouth. But it had been loose for a long time and the adult tooth was already grown in right behind it, so we knew it was coming.

Logan got a chance to use his Tooth Fairy Pillow that I made for him in anticipation of this big moment:

It's certainly bright and colourful enough to attract the best sort of tooth fairy.

And it has his name on it just in case the tooth fairy forgets.

On the back is a large pocket for tooth fairy treasures and a small pocket in which to place the tooth.

And of course it features Logan's favourite trim - pom pom trim!

The tooth fairy came and left him a sweet note about losing his first tooth, a receipt for the tooth, $2 and a little bit of fairy dust.

I wonder what the tooth fairy will come up with for the second tooth which is on the verge of coming out any day now?