Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Iron Craft #18: Shiny, Shiny!

This week's challenge:

"Let’s add a little glam to our lives. This week’s challenge is to make something with some shine to it. Metallics, mirrors and rhinestones are all in order for this challenge!" (Courtesy of Just Crafty Enough)


I love shiny things!

I probably should have made something for myself.  But I was feeling particularly sad because the kids were going back to school, so I made something for them instead.


They are zipper-mouthed monster bags. (From the book Invasion of the Plush Monsters!)

The kids love them.  I embellished the fronts and backs of the monsters with all the sparkly trim I could find. It's a veritable explosion of gaudy shiny stuff.

This one is Lane's.

There is a front pocket and an inside bigger pocket that closes at the monster mouth. I put 3 eyes on Logan's and 2 on Lane's. But then Lane saw that Logan had 3, so she insisted I add another one to hers. The only place I could put it was below the first 2. It kinda looks like a nose.  But whatever - he's a monster after all.

This one is Logan's.

There's the front pocket.

And there are the sparkly backs. I used sequins, lace and some sparkly ribbon as embellishments.

I think the kids might use these monsters at Halloween to collect candy.


To check out all the sparkly explosions from the Iron Crafters this week, please check out the Flickr group.

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Just Crafty Enough said...

I can totally see why they loved them. I think it is so great that you can just whip this type of stuff up with no pattern or anything.