Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Front Step Make Over

I may now add "masonry" to my list of skillz.

I should even go on LinkedIn and do that right now.

Because last month I rebuilt our front step - Like a Boss!

That's right. I bought all the supplies, squared out the step with boards and mixed and poured cement.

See? Don't I look pro? I took that hammer and chisel and wore those safety glasses to destroy (er.. I mean chisel) a groove into the steps where I wanted to pour the new cement).

Not that I could do much more damage than was already there. This is the before photo. Yikes! Halloween was just a law suit waiting to happen last year. I cringed every time a little kid with awkward shoes came traipsing up that death trap.

I read a Time Life book on Masonry just in case you thought I was going into this blind. It showed me how to make the groove and mix up something called cement glue which helped the old stuff bind to the new stuff.

This is an odd photo, but it shows that I made a neat little corner on the top step where the whole thing was crumbling.

Ta da! Top step finished. I even got the tool that finishes the edges all nice with a curve so that it isn't sharp when walking up. Thanks to that Time Life book for that little suggestion.

 So... remember the before? Here is Logan on the first day of school last year. Standing on that scary crumbly step.

And now! Laney standing on the newly rebuilt step on her first day of school this year.

Not perfect, but so much better than I could have hoped.

I'll let you in on a little secret:

I talked a good game about knowing my stuff and being able to do this task. I convinced Terry that I could do it by looking in a book and doing a little research. Mostly he agreed because it was going to cost hundreds of dollars to have someone look at it and then fix it. This repair only cost about $100. I mouthed off to everyone that would listen that I knew what I was doing. But truth be told I was totally terrified of actually doing it.

I was scared that I wouldn't get the cement mixture right. I was scared that the cement would cave in a leave a terrible sunken disaster of epic proportions on our front step. I was scared that it would be uneven and dangerous to walk on, especially for the kids. I was scared that I would have to give up, admit defeat and we'd have to pay even more to someone to fix the mess that I had made. I was scared the entire project would end like this:

But none of that fear ever came to fruition. It turned out beautifully. Only I will not talk myself up so much in the future when attempting something knew. That was just cray cray.


Periwinkle Dzyns said...

so proud of you!!awesome job

Kristie said...

Nicely done!!