Thursday, 19 September 2013

Corn and Applefest 2013

In more news of stuff we did this past summer and never got around to blogging about: Morden's Corn and Apple Fest

It was our first trip out to Morden for this festival. And it was super fun!

It seems that anything with corn is a hit with the kids.


On the way out to Morden, we checked out all the wind turbines beside the highway. That was pretty cool.

And even the rain didn't stop us from having fun. We were in line to go on the Ferris Wheel when it started raining. Then it started thundering. Since I'm a huge lightening rod with these chunks of metal wiring and pacemaker in me, we decided it might not be a good idea to be stuck at the top of the Ferris Wheel when the lightening was getting closer.  So we hightailed it back to the car to wait it out.

Even that was kind of fun. Watching the rain and steaming up the car windows in a strange town that we'd never explored before.

A gratuitous photo of me hehehe. I was the photographer for most of our family outings, so sometimes I turned the phone on myself for a quick reminder that I was actually at some of these fun activities as well.

After the storm passed we got a chance to ride the dreaded Ferris Wheel.  We all looked a little terrified being stuck at the top.

And of course there was more food.  Lane had to have a hotdog. The rest of us went to bison burgers and curled chips. We picked up a bag of Kettle Corn for the ride home and tried out some amazing apple/minidonut mash up things for dessert. Oh my gosh - highly recommended! 

It was a fantastic day. We will definitely be going back for the festival next year.

And there was a pretty rainbow on our way home which topped off the day just right (even though we got detoured onto an unfamiliar dirt road for a long time before we figured out how to get back onto the highway - why the police we detouring cars in the first place remains a mystery).

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