Monday, 30 September 2013

Chandelier Redo - With Burlap! No. 2

Remember a couple of months ago when I redid an old lampshade with burlap for our livingroom/diningroom?

Well... there was still one red light that needed to be replaced if we were going to have any luck with eating in that room come winter. When it got dark around dinnertime last year, that room was impossible to eat in. It was way too dark with our red lights and our red walls (although it was super cool on Halloween night!)

I finished the second chandelier last month.  Check it out:

Looking sharp! :D

Once again I took a thrifted lampshade, a burlap rice sack and some vintage lace and went to work.  These are so easy to make and they turn out so beautiful.

Here is it all lit up. You may have remembered that the original burlap lampshade that I made was in this position in our livingroom. But it was causing a halo right over Terry's head when he ate. It was almost interrogation lampish. Yikes.

So I moved it across the room where it could halo the air just fine and moved this one over Terry's spot at the dinner table.

They look so good in this room!

I love them so much and they were so easy to make (and super cheap too! Under $10 per chandelier)

 What do you think?