Thursday, 12 September 2013


More about what kept me away from the blog all summer. This family adventure was a little later in our summer of fun. We went to the corn maze on Labour Day.

There was a petting zoo.


More bunnies!

I was fascinated by the bird bath.

The kids were all about the bunnies!

More bird bath.

They were having so much fun in the bird bath. I couldn't stop taking pictures of them.


The kids were being so gentle with the animals. Lane has a natural affinity with animals. It's really amazing to watch.


More goat. This goat really liked my neon shoe laces. I almost didn't escape with them intact.

This was my favourite goat.

We went on a sleigh ride.

It wasn't too busy, so we got the entire sleigh to ourselves.

The cowboy in charge of the horses was so kind and said that we needed a family photo. He was right!

We were champions on top of the bales of hay.

Lane wasn't sure about the climbing, but soon got right into it.

Logan had a great time running around and climbing.

And jumping off the ledges.

His legs got a little cut up by the straw, but he's willing to go back later on in Autumn (provided he wears pants of course!)

Daddy got into the action as well.

Funny how we went to the corn maze and there aren't any pictures of the actual corn maze, which we wandered around in and played the search game for about an hour. Hmmm... too into the game perhaps?

Anyway... stay tuned for Corn and Applefest, some steps repair and whatever else I can think of that I haven't blogged from the summer.

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